How to Get a Chinese Girlfriend

Updated on Jul 2022
date March 22, 2021

People are used to believing that Chinese girls are unattainable exotic and it is almost impossible to start a relationship with one of them. This opinion is as common as it is completely wrong. Those who disseminate such information continue to live in the old world and have probably not heard of modern online dating on the Internet. We present to your attention a complete guide “How to get a Chinese girlfriend” in few simple steps.

It’s time to breathe in deeply, open your eyes, and look around. Along with the trends of general globalization, modern online dating is striding to its full height in today’s world of defeated pandemics and isolation. The main feature of this dating is undoubtedly the fact that neither distance nor borders can act as serious obstacles for it.

chinese girlfriend

A Chinese girlfriend is no longer an unattainable dream, it is a wonderful reality available to every layman. In order to find a Chinese girlfriend, you no longer need to look for a few immigrants and you don’t even need to go to China with its anti-social laws and multiple restrictions. All you need is internet access, an internet device, and a keyboard to compose a search query. We are obviously talking about numerous online dating services, at any of which many young and hot Chinese ladies are ready to meet foreigners.

How to Find a Chinese Girlfriend 

If you are spending a lot of time looking for a Chinese girlfriend in vain, then it’s time to use new methods. Choose one of the popular international dating sites, create an account and fill out a profile. Customize your personal preferences in such a way that the search results are as close as possible to your tastes and preferences.

Any adequate dating platform will easily give you several hundred suitable candidates for young and affordable Chinese girls. It remains only to choose a few of them and start chatting. But believe me, the real challenge is not about how to get a Chinese girl. What is really tricky is to get a Chinese girl interested.

How to Get a Chinese Girl to Like You

Be Employed 

The first rule of thumb to interact with your potential girlfriend in Chinese is not to talk too much. You should give the interlocutor the maximum to speak out and try to raise topics that will be interesting to her. Chinese ladies sincerely believe that in the early stages of communication, it is men who should conduct and set the tone for the conversation. In this regard, the girl’s reaction at first may seem strange and detached to you, but do not be discouraged.

You have one trump card up your sleeve – you just don’t know about it yet. In China, employment and social status are of immense importance. Due to the extremely difficult demographic situation, the issue of work is of paramount importance for the Chinese. If you are officially employed and the name of your profession sounds solid enough – in no case do not hesitate, talk about it. Make her listen and imagine. If you succeed, then this is already half the victory.

Express Your Interest in Her 

The second rule is to let the girl talk. She may be a little reluctant at first, but don’t be discouraged and keep trying. Ask her about work, school, family. Girls from China always pay special attention to their families and treat family members with awe. Even if it seems to you that the girl does not want to talk about it, you can be sure that in fact, she is infinitely pleased with your interest.

chinese girl

Be Reasonable 

Last but not least is the need to try to speak seriously and judiciously. It makes sense to take it as an axiom that your worldview and the worldview of a girl from China are very different. You and she have different ideas about humor, things that are considered funny, and things that are offensive. If you try to joke, you may be incomprehensible at best. Irony in any form is completely unacceptable – at least until you get to know your chosen one better.


Where to Find a Chinese Girlfriend?

It is recommended to contact international marriage agencies to find Chinese girls. Due to Internet problems in China, it can be difficult to find young and open-minded ladies from China on regular dating sites. But professional marriage agencies have long learned to bypass these restrictions, so contacting one of these agencies is the best way to find a wife from China on the Internet.

Are Chinese Women Easy? 

Despite how difficult it is to reach girls from China due to the geopolitical environment, many men keep trying. They do it precisely because women from China are worth it. It is pleasant to communicate with them, and the relationship is easy and relaxed. You may not even notice how your new Chinese girlfriend will first become your girlfriend, and after a few months, become your wife.

At What Age Can You Get Married in China?

Due to the extremely difficult demographic situation and the incredibly high population density per unit area, girls can only get married in China at the age of twenty. For men, this mark is even higher – the minimum age for official marriage for them is twenty-two years. On the one hand, in comparison with countries such as Mexico or the Philippines, this seems wild. On the other hand, Chinese leaders, for obvious reasons, try to encourage the latest marriages, and legally restrict the earliest ones.