Vietnamese Women Dating Guide

Updated on Mar 2023
date March 29, 2023

Vietnamese women are famous for their desire to have white skin. Beauty is highly valued in Vietnam, and most women hide from the sun by sitting at home or covering parts of their bodies with clothing. Every Asian lady has a lot of face care cosmetics in her cosmetic bag to make her skin smooth and velvety. A new trend has been the use of special skin whitening products and they achieve the desired result.


Vietnamese Women: The Reason Behind Their Good Looks

By eating the right foods, women get young, firm, and soft facial skin. Vietnamese women have specific facial features that make them easy to recognize among other women. Dating a Vietnamese girl, you will immediately notice how their appearance looks unusual due to their minimally tanned skin, long dark hair, and small stature. Vietnamese girls have the innate sexuality and lightness that western men like.

Vietnamese Women

Vietnamese women have a conservative dressing style. Vietnamese women like to wear nice and comfortable clothes and don’t pay attention to modern fashion items. Girls from South East Asia prove that the classics will always be in fashion and show how beautiful and feminine you can look without wearing unusual and frilly outfits.

The character of Vietnamese ladies implies softness and discretion. Women set the right priorities and break the stereotype that Vietnamese girls pay attention only to the material wealth of a man. Representatives of Vietnam prove that these women need only love and nothing more and are ready to build happy families.

A Vietnamese girlfriend is a devoted wife and a wonderful mother due to her great respect for their parents and endless love for children. In relationships, these women try to give their partner and children all the best and are very sensitive to their well-being.

It is not for nothing that Vietnamese girls choose guys from America because Vietnamese women want to have children as early as possible. Also, a hallmark of the character of the Vietnamese lady is patience. The Vietnamese wife will do anything to save the marriage and is ready to give their man a few chances and forgive. Vietnamese girls want to go to big cities with their lover and build strong family.

Vietnamese girlfriends are famous for their hard work. From childhood, these women are ready to work hard and know nothing about laziness. In addition, women are ready to work and develop while married while continuing to please their husbands with beautiful smiles.

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How Do Vietnamese Girls Feel About American Men?

Vietnamese women have been interested in guys from the USA for many years. Online dating has simplified the task and made it possible for people from different countries to communicate at a distance and go to another country in the future.

First of all, a woman from Vietnam is worried about material wealth, the only reason for this is that the country has had problems with the economy for many years and is considered one of the poorest areas. Vietnamese men are sure that good wives should be engaged in raising children while working several jobs and looking after the household. For American guys, this is wildness, and in no case will they allow their wives to torment themselves like that. That is why women began to consider foreigners who are family oriented and procreate.

In addition, according to comments on Quora Vietnamese women are accustomed to the lack of initiative of local men. They don’t like this fact, because the guys position themselves as dominant, but in fact, these women do not show interest in solving problems and responsibility. Americans, on the contrary, have respect for the female sex and such a strong character, with which they can become excellent defenders for fragile women.

We got acquainted with the opinions of Vietnamese girls on the Internet and concluded that they consider relationships with Western guys more than with local ones and are ready to leave for another country to build a family. If you haven’t hit the gold diggers, who are only interested in money.

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Why Do Western Men Have Difficulty Dating Vietnamese Girls?

Practice shows that Vietnamese dating culture can be quite problematic due to differences. To avoid problems with a date, you should prepare in advance and understand what are the differences between dating Western women and Vietnamese. We have prepared a short list of reasons why dating can be difficult to make life easier for Western men:

Vietnamese Women Are Reserved

A Vietnamese woman should be able to hide her feelings, this is provided for by their culture. Almost all of her words mean the opposite, for example, when she says that she doesn’t love you, it means that she feels a feeling of love. This can be difficult because you will not immediately understand how the lady feels for you. Even in the first stages of communication, when you ask her if she is interested in communicating with you, the answer is likely to be “no”, without stopping communication and further talking about a long-term relationship.

Vietnamese Girls Carefully Chose the Partners

Be prepared for the fact that before the first date, you will have to communicate online for a long time. The difficulty can manifest itself in the fact that Western men often want to meet in real life much faster than a girl. Vietnamese women must communicate with their interlocutor online for at least 2 weeks. During this time, Vietnamese women must make sure that you have serious intentions and that you are ready to marry her. Western guys often consider lengthy texting as time spent, but for Vietnamese women, this is a very important stage in the development of a relationship, although text messages cannot face such a range of emotions as in a face-to-face meeting.

Dating Vietnamese girls can be tricky at the writing stage. Western men are often upset when they get rejected for a date. But don’t freak out too soon! In Vietnam, there is a three-no rule, according to which a woman should only agree to the third invitation to meet after making sure that she has true feelings for her.

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Vietnamese Women Are Often Late

It is considered normal for Vietnamese women to be late for dates. It is quite difficult for men to win over a beautiful Vietnamese representative, but if he has sympathy, he must wait until the woman arrives, despite being 30 or even 40 minutes late. In no case should you be offended by her for this, because in Vietnam, in principle, all residents have difficulties with this.

Vietnamese Girls Are Very Superstitious

Vietnamese culture implies belief in various gods, etc. And Vietnamese women associate all superstitions closely with all aspects of their lives, including relationships. Many women in other members of the family will tell you that the problems in your relationship with her are due to ghosts. They may also listen to the fortune teller when deciding whether to connect their lives with you or not.

Vietnamese Women Expect Men to Pay the Bill

Arriving on a date with Vietnamese women, all the main expenses fall on the shoulders of a man. Tickets, food, and drinks must be paid for by you, this is due to the norms of the courtship of the country. But despite this, the girl can also pay for a fare or a cup of coffee because she will try to conform to American feminist norms.

Vietnamese women are not as demanding as in other countries, when Vietnamese women come on a date, they do not expect to go to the store and buy all the things they want, it will be enough just to pay the bill at the restaurant and take her home.

7 Steps to Impress a Vietnamese Girl

Winning the attention of a Vietnamese girl is not so easy, Vietnamese women have a rather interesting dating culture for Western men, but with the right preparation, everything will be successful, and women will get good impressions. We have drawn up a plan of several steps that will help to win the favor of the representative of Vietnam:

  1. First of all, get to know Vietnamese culture and learn as much as you can about life in Vietnam. In connection with different concepts, there may be difficulties in relations, but all the subtleties should be well studied to find common ground. On the first date, you can talk about entertainment, sports, or discuss art to get to know the girl better and find common interests.
  2. It is important to understand that the Vietnamese woman on the first date is very modest and extremely taciturn. Vietnamese women need to understand what intentions you have and make sure that there is no threat to her. This is because parents often tell stories about the cruelty of foreigners, so when you come on a first date, be as careful and polite as possible, in no case insist on physical contact and do everything so that the Vietnamese representative is sure of your pure intentions towards her.
  3. When inviting Vietnamese singles on a date, you should take a responsible approach to choosing a place. The best option would be a restaurant where you will come with flowers and organize everything to the smallest detail, candles, music, furnishings. In any case, do not choose a water park or a walk for a first date, the girl may not like it and may even push you away. Organize everything beautifully and romantically, and then the woman will be delighted with you!
  4. Vietnamese women expect care and determination from Western men. This is because local men are noticeably behind in this regard. On the first date, it is important not only to shower women with compliments but also to prove how important she is to you so that she can feel desired and girlfriend. Believe me, date a Vietnamese girl will bring a lot of pleasure, and Vietnamese women will appreciate your care and follow you anywhere in the world.
  5. Tell her about your plans for a future together. A Vietnamese woman who has come on a date with a Western man has the intention of getting married and building a happy family. It is very important for her to hear about your seriousness and that your goals are the same. This topic can be interesting for a conversation, you can discuss future family members, and family background and help you understand how pure the thoughts of the interlocutor are.
  6. Choose the right clothes. Even though Vietnamese girls do not follow fashion trends, they love to dress beautifully and elegantly. The first date is a great opportunity to show a woman that you have a sense of style and are neat enough. The best choice for a first date might be a pantsuit or an ironed shirt with trousers.
  7. On a date with a Vietnamese girl, it is important to be able to listen and not bombard her with questions. Vietnamese girls are very modest, and therefore on the first date they prefer to smile and listen more than talk about themselves. At that moment, when the girl understands that she is safe and her intentions are pure, she also enters into a conversation and tells herself everything she sees fit.
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5 Places to Go With a Vietnamese Girl in Ho Chi Minh City

Many beautiful and fascinating places in Ho Chi Minh city are worth visiting with a Vietnamese girl at any time of the day. Women will be happy to walk through beautiful parks or museums. We have compiled a list of 5 places worth visiting with a beautiful representative of Vietnam:

Botanical Park and Zoo Ho Chi Minh City

In this beautiful place, you can enjoy a quiet and romantic walk admiring nature. People mostly come to the park to walk with their families, so there is a cozy and kind atmosphere. The botanical garden contains many species of different plants from around the world, and the zoo is full of many animals, including elephants, lions, and tigers.

Cathedral of Notre Dame

This beautiful old cathedral will not leave anyone without attention. This cathedral is one of the main attractions of Ho Chi Minh. Every visitor who has visited the city should go there, and it is perfect for romantic dates. The cathedral has decorated walls and a bell tower, climbing up to a gorgeous view that you can admire all night long with your beloved.

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Saigon Central Post Office

The building has been preserved since the 1800s and is one of the main attractions of the country. Inside the building is a beautiful interior that reflects the French past. This place is worth a visit for young people who are interested in and appreciate Vietnamese culture, and girls will appreciate the interest in the sights of their neighborhood.

Mekong Delta

This place is a few hour’s drive from Ho Chi Minh City. You can go there to relax from the bustle of the city and admire the beauty of the countryside. There you can sail on a boat through the canals and walk through the rice fields, learning the culture and the intricacies of rice cultivation. For local girls, such a walk can be exciting and show her your interest in her culture.

Suoi Tien and Dam Sen Theme Parks

These parks are among the most important water parks in Ho Chi Minh City. There you can lie on a lounge with a cocktail in your hands, swim in the pool, and ride various water slides. This is considered a great pastime and allows you to actively relax and have fun.

How Foreign Men Feel About Dating Vietnamese Girls Online

Representatives of different countries were convinced that it is quite difficult to find love among a million people. Many Western men are not attracted to representatives of their country for many reasons. Vietnam girls have proven themselves to be faithful and accommodating wives who can build a good family, which is what modern men are looking for.

Luckily, technology has now reached the point where western men can meet Vietnamese women online, thanks to dating sites. There are many advantages to online dating, starting with the fact that a guy can choose the criteria by which he would like to look for a girlfriend and married her. Many websites provide the opportunity to meet Vietnamese singles and select them based on their looks, interests, and lifestyle. This makes it possible to consider only those women who are initially interested, and you can build a happy serious relationship with them.

Dating apps provide an opportunity to dating Vietnamese women and chat with them without a trip to Vietnam. This makes life much easier for Western men and helps them meet Vietnamese girls despite the distance and different cultures. Men do not need to worry about the language barrier because international dating in Vietnam is very popular, and most of the girls speak English perfectly, and the sites provide automatic translations of messages.

Western men can be sure that dating Vietnamese women online is safe because each girl is verified on the dating site, and the search is based on the information specified in the personal profile.

Keep reading to learn more details about what a Vietnamese woman likes and seeks in a partner.

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Cultural Differences: How Marriage Between a Foreign Man and a Vietnamese Woman Affects

Vietnamese culture is quite peculiar, and the marriage of a foreign man with a representative of Vietnam can take place only when the man gets acquainted with all the subtleties of cultural differences and both spouses are ready for a life together. There are several differences in cultural concepts between western culture and Vietnamese, which can be divided into three categories:


In relationships, the Vietnamese woman remains modest and devoted. Representatives of Vietnam do not like conflicts and loud conversations, unlike western countries. Therefore, when entering into a relationship with such a girl, it should be understood that in any situation, it is important to remain calm and resolve issues peacefully.

Dating Culture

Dating Vietnam women is noticeably different from western women. Vietnamese women are very modest and taciturn on dates until she is convinced of your reliability and sincerity. Coming to a Vietnamese date, it is important to understand that the girl will smile and listen to you most of the time rather than talk about herself. Also, a distinctive feature of western women is that the Vietnamese are always late for the first date, and this is considered normal for them. They are accustomed to the measured rhythm of life, unlike the Americans.


After marriage, a marriage with a Vietnamese woman is doomed to success. In addition to their devotion and thriftiness, for many years, family values were put into their heads, how Vietnamese wives should behave. They are accommodating and hardworking. Many Vietnamese women have no concept of feminism, and they are ready to obey their foreign husband and follow them to the ends of the world without defending their rights.

Make sure to watch this video if you want to find some actionable tips on how to successfully dating Vietnamese women:


Vietnamese girls are distinguished by their beauty and soft and clean skin. Every Western man will love a petite girl who has a great sense of style and is ready to follow him to the ends of the earth. Despite the attractiveness of flip-flops, some rules should be followed when inviting a girl on a date.

Do not forget that Vietnamese girls are very modest, and on a date with them, you will have to take full responsibility for yourself and be the initiator of long stories. But it’s only for a while! Vietnamese women prefer to choose foreign men for relationships and family building. This is because local men are not distinguished by their masculinity and reliability, which girls lack.

Thanks to technologies and developments, every Western man has the opportunity to meet Vietnamese women through online dating and find out interesting facts about a girl even before the first meeting. The sites provide a selection of criteria that a Vietnamese woman must meet, and thanks to this, you can be sure that dating is the one that will become a more reliable life partner and go anywhere in the world.

Register on the site, add some information about yourself, and choose a beautiful wife from Vietnam without fear of being deceived because each of them has been verified and proven to be true.


What Should a Guy Know About Dating a Vietnamese Girl?

When meeting a Vietnamese girl, a guy must be ready for lengthy correspondence and the girl's indecision. At the stage of online communication, you need to prove to the Vietnamese as much as possible that you are a reliable dating partner and that she is safe. Beautiful Vietnamese girls love pleasant surprises, and even chatting online, you should please the girl with gifts that can be sent on the site.

Do Vietnamese Women Like American Guys?

Definitely yes! American guys attract Vietnamese women with their masculinity. Vietnamese men do not know how to take care of women at all and believe that a Vietnamese girl should perform all duties from raising children to housekeeping and work. Such is Asian culture.