How to Date Chinese Girl

Chinese dating is quite different from anything you are used to when dealing with other women. China is a huge country with a rich historical heritage and a complex demographic environment. Due to the critical population density, the Chinese authorities are forced to take more and more stringent measures to regulate the number. In addition, the state system in China presupposes antisocial policy, multiple restrictions on human rights, and ultimatum control over every citizen. As a result, it is not surprising that dating a Chinese girl can be quite difficult.

To date Chinese girls you should know a few simple rules. The mentality of Chinese girls is different from what you are used to. The moral coordinate system of women from China is somewhat biased and different from your compatriots. What would make an American woman squeak with delight may have the exact opposite effect in the case of a young Chinese lady. Let’s try to figure out what the dating world in China is and how to treat it.

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How to Date a Chinese Woman

In order to date Chinese women in the proper way, you should understand a few simple rules. The first thing you should pay attention to is that the reaction of Chinese singles to certain actions can be very different from what you expect. The second important point is that girls from China value somewhat different qualities in men than women from the States or Europe.

Talk Seriously 

If we talk about the main Chinese women characteristics, then first of all you should pay attention to humor. Two pitfalls may be lurking here – the language barrier and a fundamentally different mentality.

The language barrier is simple – many people in China speak English well enough to keep up a conversation. However, often their level of language is not high enough to understand subtle implications and references. At best, you may run into misunderstandings that can help you bond and give you a new conversation. Otherwise, you will most likely expect a tense, awkward silence, which can regret you trying to joke on your first date with a stranger.

As for the mentality, everything is more complicated here. The concepts of American and Chinese humor differ widely enough for you and your partner to find diametrically opposed things offensive or ridiculous. This is a very complex topic that is almost impossible to cover in a few words. Just take note – you never know which joke will be simply misunderstood, and which one can offend and even deeply offend the interlocutor.

Be serious. Look the girl in the eyes, emphasizing the seriousness of your own intentions. Want dating Chinese girl advice? The key to establishing rapport with Chinese ladies on a first date is deadly seriousness and demonstrating that you are understanding Chinese women in common and your chosen one in particular.

Be Interesting 

The second rule is to be interesting. This is pretty commonplace advice, but in the case of Chinese girls, it may not be so easy. Try to find common topics of conversation, any points of contact. Typical Chinese woman will not try to help you and talk enthusiastically about the weather. They subconsciously expect you to take the lead on the first date and play the music.

The next three bullet points in this article are good topics for conversation. Among other things, your weapon can be the fact that Chinese girls are most interested in meeting Americans and are most likely able to forgive you a few blunders in the initial stages.

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Express an Interest in Her 

Try not so much to talk as to ask. You can look for clues in the girl’s answers and almost blindly grope new turns of the conversation. Help her feel that you are interested in her and her problems. Even if all this time she talks about typical Chinese girlfriend problems, do not show it and try to find something interesting for yourself in the conversation.

If you find the right direction and succeed, you will feel it a few minutes ago. The Chinese girl will begin to get carried away, listen to herself more and more, and willingly tell more and more new stories, each of which will pull up the next. If you managed to get to this stage, then you are the winner. If it didn’t work out, then the main thing to remember is that not everything is lost and there are two whole points left in this guide.

Express an Interest in Her Family

Want more dating Chinese women tips? Try talking to your lady about her family. Even if you don’t care and you think the girl is not very willing to answer, keep trying. Here we get to one of the curious paradoxes of the psychology of Chinese women when dealing with unfamiliar people on a first date.

At the same time, the girl is not very comfortable talking about her family to the first person she meets. And, at the same time, she is deeply flattered by such a sincere interest on your part in this topic and mentally already gives you rating stars. Skills of minimal empathy will help you move further – carefully continue to develop the topic until you feel that you have already achieved the desired effect. After that, you can safely move on to the last point.

Be Employed 

The ultimate secret weapon, in the best traditions of the genre, is left to last. Even if none of the previous tips worked in your case, and it seems to you that the date is going just awfully, do not rush to despair. In China, for so many reasons, social status plays an infinitely important role. If you are officially employed and your position, among other things, sounds pretty solid – congratulations, this is your ace up your sleeve!

This is your finest hour, your main opportunity to talk about yourself on your first date. Talk about the job with enthusiasm, maybe even embellish it at first. Give her the opportunity to understand that your profession is solid and respected, that you are a professional in your field, and make good money. A traditional Chinese girl will listen to you with an open mouth – and this is the time when your every word will be infinitely interesting to her. In the process of meeting Chinese girls, it is critical to understand how important social status plays in China.

While you are talking, she is already dreaming and imagining. And this is your main weapon, which can correct all the mistakes made in the previous stages. Use it skillfully, in any case, do not underestimate and do not hesitate. When it comes to working, there is no such thing as bragging rights in China. It should be noted here that we are not talking about dating a Chinese woman in America. If your chosen one has been living in the States for some time, then this trick, most likely, will not work sufficiently. However, the answer to the question of how to date a Chinese girl in America is a topic for a separate article and, as they say, is a completely different story.


Are Chinese Women Easy?

Chinese girls are deservedly considered some of the best in the world. Foreigners appreciate their openness, sincerity, kindness, and bright, spectacular appearance. A girl from China is not only an excellent mother and housewife but also an elegant sophisticated lady who is ready to accept any company with pleasure.

At What Age Can You Get Married in China?

Due to the extremely difficult demographic situation and the incredibly high population density per unit area, girls can only get married in China at the age of twenty. For men, this mark is even higher – the minimum age for official marriage for them is twenty-two years. On the one hand, in comparison with countries such as Mexico or the Philippines, this seems wild. On the other hand, Chinese leaders, for obvious reasons, try to encourage the latest marriages, and legally restrict the earliest ones.

Where to Find a Chinese Girl For Dating?

The easiest way to find a Chinese bride is to contact one of the many international Chinese agencies. These agencies have long learned to bypass the many restrictions of the Chinese authorities. Professional specialists and managers are able not only to resolve issues with Chinese law but also to find a suitable bride for you in record time. If you are just interested in chatting with girls from China, then you should try one of the international dating services.


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