Korean Women Dating Guide

Updated on Mar 2023
date March 29, 2023

With a population of a little over 51 million, South Korea is home to 26 million women. And there’s a good reason why Korean women are among the most beautiful in the world. Lovely, friendly, feminine, and well-groomed, Korean women attract a lot of attention from western men. You’ve probably heard of a dating phenomenon called Korean fever: if you ever date a woman from Korea, you won’t be able to date anyone else.


However, you shouldn’t forget that there are obvious cultural differences. So if you are thinking of dating a Korean girl, learn as much about these wonderful women as possible.

Why Are Korean Women So Good-Looking?

In recent years, South Korea has seen an expansion of its culture worldwide, partially thanks to the cosmetics industry. Precisely this culture of beauty imposes very strict standards on Korean ladies. As a result, society, particularly younger women, is increasingly attached to the achievement of these aesthetic ideals.

Korean Women

The characteristics that Korean women must possess in order to be able to fall within the canons of ideal beauty are many and Korean women are also strict. In general, the focus is on a look that can express an idea of ​​youth and natural beauty. There is some concern among women in Korea that they might appear older or more mature than their actual age.

Female beauty standards in Korea include:

  • Small face. Having a small face is the most important element. Along with this trait, we also find a predilection for large eyes, straight brows, and a small pointed nose. Appearance like this is considered sophisticated and elegant. As for the lower part of the face, a small mouth is preferred, with the lower lip more fleshy than the upper one. All that should be accompanied by a V-shaped chin.
  • Fair complexion. The complexion must be clear and porcelain pale. The skin must be free from any imperfections. Everyday painstaking skincare routines are of utmost importance.
  • Lean build. The build plays an important role. In fact, a slender body is preferable, with a height between 160 and 168 cm, which is considered ideal.

The general trend in Korean beauty standards for women is focused on giving the impression of being young, pretty, and very feminine.

How Open Are Koreans to Dating Americans?

One thing that’s important to understand is that Koreans enjoy all the comforts and freedoms of a pro-western society with a developed economy. Korean women have access to a decent level of education. This is why meeting a Korean girl who’s looking for a foreign husband for financial reasons is fairly unlikely.

However, Korean women are still very much interested in meeting, dating, and marrying foreign guys. In fact, in 2021, 4,000 Korean women married foreign men.

There are a few reasons for that:

Local Men Are Obsessed with Their Careers

Koreans are quite famous for their workaholism. More often than not, men put their careers first and family life and relationships second. As a result, there are many young women in Korea who are single and open to relationships with foreigners.

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Korean Men See Their Women as Housewives

Korean families have clearly defined traditional roles. While it’s normal for the husband to go out and spend his time with friends after work, the wife is expected to be a stay-at-home housewife. It’s no surprise well-educated and elegant Korean women don’t look at this situation favorably.

Korean Girls Find Westerners More Attractive

You might think that women in Korea are synonymous with exquisite femininity and beauty. And that’s absolutely so, but the thing is, Korean girls consider western men the epitome of masculinity. Most Korean women find men from the western world more handsome and appealing than local guys.

Americans’ Interview About Dating Korean Women

The overwhelming majority (80%) of single people in Korea are willing to date someone from another country.

That being said, what about American men’s perspective? What do they think about dating a Korean girl? Here’s how men from the US perceive dating women from Korea.

Q: How long have you been married to a Korean woman? How did you meet, and for how long did you date?

I’ve been married for 7 years. We met working at the same company, and then we dated for 4 years until we got married. When I first saw my wife, I only saw the back of her head and thought she was the one.

Q: From your experience, do you think Koreans are open to dating Americans?

Nowadays, yes, I think Korean women are open to it. I and my friends, who all have Korean girlfriends even like joking about it. Like, in order to get an E2 visa, you have to have a Korean girlfriend.

Q: Do you feel it’s easy to meet new Korean people, and if yes, where and how would you meet them?

Yes, I think it’s definitely easy to meet people here. I’ve met a bunch of different Korean people in a bunch of different ways, like through soccer, through other friends, or just going to a bar. I think it’s really easy if you’re a nice and honest person, it’s going to be fine.

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Q: What was your biggest cultural shock or differences you encountered?

The big one for me was trying to take your 35-old girlfriend out on a date at 7 pm, you have to ask for her parent’s permission. I let her go wherever she wants and do what she wants, but in Korea, it’s not a thing. You always have to report to your Korean significant other where you go and what you do.

Q: What do you think was the most challenging aspect of dating a Korean person?

There always seems to be more of a higher expectation. For example, if I go on a first date, there will be high expectations of me. Korea is a very lookism type of country, so I have to look a certain way, I have to be a certain height and certain build. I have to wear certain clothes and be stylish and fashionable too.

Watch this video to learn more about dating Korean women:

Challenges of Dating in Korea for Western Men

It’s not at all difficult to approach a Korean girl, especially for Westerners, as it will be the curiosity factor that attracts her. As you walk down the street, you’ll often see girls staring at you constantly, and this is only a good sign!

However, you shouldn’t think those dating Korean girls is too easy. There are a number of difficulties you are likely to face. Here are some of them.


In general, parents, if Korean women are old-fashioned, will prefer a Korean partner for their daughter. It’s not so much a race thing but simply because they feel more comfortable that way. If you know Korean it’s certainly a plus. If you don’t, her folks might be wary of you because Korean girls feel protective of their child.

In most cases, it depends on how you present yourself! Try to follow Korean etiquette, always bring something when you visit her parents’ house and try to dress appropriately.

Language Barrier

To make it much easier for yourself, you’ll have to speak some Korean or at least English. They learn English in middle school, and later and around 59% of Koreans can speak the language. However, keep in mind that most of these people live in larger cities like Seoul. People in rural areas are less likely to speak English.

Cultural Differences

It’s only natural that if you are trying to date someone from a culture so different, you’ll experience some difficulties. It’s not just about the language but also about certain cultural norms.

The advice here is to learn as much about Korean culture as you can before you start dating a Korean girl. Armed with some basic knowledge, you’ll find it much easier.

Besides, modern Korean culture is fairly West-oriented, and you might find that it’s not as challenging as you might think.

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Effective Tips To Impress Korean Girls

Not all women in Korea are the same. Some might like certain things about you that others don’t. You have to accept this fact and find an individual approach to the woman you want to date.

However, there are still some general tactics you might use to impress these Asian women. Here are a few of them.

  • Let Her Be Herself. For Korean girls, it’s very important to be able to express themselves, to tell the world who they are and what makes them different from others. Give her some space to feel confident by your side to talk about everything.
  • Learn About Her Culture. Women in modern Korea become increasingly independent and unwilling to be subjugated by their culture. However, Korean women do appreciate those who take interest in their country’s traditional beliefs and values.
  • Take Good Care of the Way You Look. Most women in Korea will expect you to be fit, well-groomed, and well-dressed. This is the culture that pays a lot of attention to outward appearances.
  • Don’t Compare Her to Other Women. If you make a comparison where the Korean girl feels like she is losing out, you might lose your chance with her. Korean girls are jealous and competitive but knowing that you prefer another woman makes their motivation decrease significantly.

Things to Do in Seoul to Make a Korean Girl Fall for You

Seoul boasts one of the most dynamic nightlife scenes in Asia. It makes the Korean capital a perfect destination for those who hope to meet beautiful Korean women in nightclubs, karaoke bars, or pubs.

The best nightlife districts you’d want to look for are:

  • Hongdae. This is the place to have fun and take advantage of the cheap prices in the local bars. Strong, lively, and young, the neighborhood is particularly loved for its underground music scene and the street performers who enliven the boulevards and hip-hop clubs.
  • Itaewon. This district attracts a broader demographic: people between 20 and 40 years old. It’s a reference point for those who want to taste international cuisine, have a drink in the rooftop bars, or go wild in the clubs frequented by foreigners.
  • Gangnam. This part of the city is home to the city’s most exclusive (and therefore more expensive) clubs, such as the Octagon and the Arena, where young people dance the night away in glamorous settings.

For something a little more relaxed, head to the expat districts of Haebangchon or Gyeongnidan, which boast smaller, more intimate establishments. Finally, the neighborhoods of Apgujeong and Cheongdam-dong offer a number of extravagant lounge bars and expensive cocktail bars often frequented by celebrities.

Remember that some clubs are only open to Korean citizens, so it’s best to avoid these places, which are usually well signposted, altogether.

Where Do Foreigners Meet Korean Women?

If you want to meet Korean women, the obvious thing to do would be to go to South Korea and meet her there. There is nothing like personal interaction, after all.

The problem is that traveling that far East might be a problem for many for various reasons. In this case, the next best choice would be to meet Korean women online, on dating sites like Korean cupid.

There is a number of advantages to this option, for example:

  • Online dating will help you build a solid foundation for a future relationship. This means that you can learn as much as possible about the women you like before meeting them in person.
  • Most dating websites eliminate the problem of the language barrier by offering translation services. This will help greatly when dating a Korean girl online if you don’t know the language.
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How To Be A Korean Woman: The True Traditional Values

Although the country was under the rule of Confucianism for several hundred years, things have changed in the last hundred years or so. Over the centuries, South Korea has shifted towards Christianity, with Protestantism and Catholicism becoming fairly significant religions in the country. Today, you can see quite a few western Christian missionaries here. This has impacted the country’s traditional values in no small way.

Women’s Rights in South Korea

The situation of women in South Korea has undergone great changes. In recent decades, the role of women in Korean society has changed. Especially after the equal employment law was adopted in the 80s. Since then, women in Korea should get as many job opportunities as their male counterparts.

A woman’s status here often depends on her social class and her financial independence. In metropolitan areas, women can access education, pursue a career and find work. In 2021, female labor force participation in Korea was at the mark of 53.9. Meanwhile, in rural areas, most female workers are in primary industry and lack education or employment opportunities.

For a very long time, the role of a Korean woman was to be a wife, a mother, and a homemaker. And while things have been shifting recently to improve gender equality, in many areas of the country, it’s still very much so.

South Korean Traditions and Etiquette

South Korea is a society based on respect and, specifically, respect for the elderly. You’ll have to modify your expressions and behavior depending on the age of the person you are talking to. Don’t be surprised if your age is one of the first things Korean women want to know about you (to determine what relationship Korean girls can establish with you).

In Korean Asian culture, the minor must always treat the elder with respect by adopting codes of conduct. This also applies to people who rank higher than you at work.

Here is a list of “do’s and don’ts” in South Korea to avoid misunderstandings:

  • On public transport: seats reserved for the elderly are reserved for the elderly, even if there is room to spare, you should not occupy them.
  • Control the volume of your voice! In Korea, any loud noise can be a bit annoying. In addition, Korean women will have no qualms about telling you to shut up if you have raised the tone of your voice.
  • If you are introduced to a South Korean, just shake hands (with both hands). South Koreans don’t like kisses and hugs!

Traditional Family

Premarital serious relationships among Korean youth are not uncommon. Young people can date whoever Korean women want, but the spouse is still chosen with the parents’ blessing.

Koreans try to conclude a marriage for life. Since divorce will fall on the families of the spouses as an indelible shame.

In South Korea, the bond between generations is extremely strong. Today young people live separately from their parents, but Korean girls necessarily communicate closely with their many relatives.

Koreans seriously consider an unmarried man inferior and untrustworthy. Not long ago, a law appeared in South Korean legislation, according to which daughter and son were equal in inheritance rights.

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How Cultural Differences Can Impact A Relationship

As was already mentioned earlier, cultural differences can affect personal relationships in a major way. Korean women are not insurmountable by any means if you really want to put some effort into a relationship, though. However, there are still a couple of things important to know.

Relationships in Korea

When initiating a relationship in South Korea, the man traditionally takes the active part. He confesses his love, and the woman accepts: this is the typical picture of how the relationship begins. But nowadays, there are different types, and it doesn’t matter who takes the lead and confesses his/her love.

Love relationships are very intense. This means that the partners write, telephone, and meet very often.

Traditionally, people in Korea thought of getting married after a stable, long-term relationship. But nowadays it’s not like that anymore. Many young people in South Korea would like to be in a relationship but would not like to get married or have children.

Dating Culture in South Korea

Good manners are imperative in this country, and Korean dating culture is no exception. It’s important to be a perfect gentleman. Always open the door for your lady and let her walk past you. Pull the chair back for her and move the chair forward when she begins to sit. Your South Korean date will expect you to pay for everything when you go out together.

You also need to be polite at all times when spending time with a Korean girl. For example, don’t interrupt her. Even if she tells you something boring, show her some interest.

When you’re officially dating Korean girls and you’ve fallen hopelessly in love with her, explain to her your European way of thinking. If you’re looking to build a serious relationship, it’s best to be open and honest and say what’s on your mind.

If you are ready to start meeting and dating Korean women, here are 5 important things to consider while building relationships with local women:


Korean women are elegant, feminine, and sweet. Korean girls make wonderful, loving, caring partners. It’s a joy to date Korean girls, and we hope that what you’ve learned in this article will help you on your way to your Korean lady’s heart.


What Is an Acceptable Age Difference for South Korean Girls?

Because Korean culture is built on complex hierarchies, age difference might be a very important factor when dating a cute Korean woman. The age gap of 1-9 years where the man is older than the woman will be quite acceptable. However, the age difference of 10 years and more can be frowned upon.

What Are Korean Wives Like?

A woman from Korea will only want to settle down and tie the knot if she deeply trusts you. Most Korean women see marriage as a lifetime arrangement and want a serious relationship. A Korean wife is loyal, faithful, understanding, and very caring. A Korean woman will support her husband both through good times and bad.

Do South Korean Girls Have Good Relationships With Western Men?

Korean women most often do. Many South Korean women are very interested in dating western men. This means Korean girls are very open to the idea of dating westerners. However, it should be noted that not all of them will want it to grow into something serious. It would be a good idea to politely discuss your plans for the relationship with your Korean date as early as possible.