AsiaFriendFinder Review

Updated on Jun 2021
date June 24, 2021

When users enter AsianFriendFinder, there are many opportunities to have fun online and connect with beautiful Asian girls. AsiaFriendFinder is used by singles in Canada, American, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. By reading through this review, you will get all the relevant information to decide if this is the platform for you. We aim to answer questions like, is AsianFriendFinder worth paying for? By doing all the research for you, you should just sit back, relax and enjoy the reading.

Pros /Cons

When you visit AsiaFriendFinder for the first time, you always want to know the good points. Through our review, we have decided these are the pros and cons of AsiaFriendFinder.


  • Several languages on the platform
  • Quick registration
  • Chat Rooms available
  • It is free to comment on profile pics
  • Profiles have good information


  • Free users only see small size photos

The site has not changed in many years

AsiaFriendFinder main page

Pricing Plan

It is possible to use AsiaFriendFinder for free, but we would not recommend this. By paying a fee and becoming either a silver or gold member at AsiaFriendFinder, you have better access and more chances of meeting singles.

Let us look at the silver membership costs:

  • Users who would like to have one month should pay $14.88.
  • For those singles who would like three months, they will pay $9.63 per month, a total of $28.88.
  • Then there is the 12-month option which costs $5.74 per month, a total of $68.88.

The gold membership fees are as follows:

  • One month will cost $18.88.
  • If you would like three months, it will be $16.29 per month, a total of $48.88.
  • The 12 monthly fee is $8.24 per month, which comes to a total of $98.88.

Our AsiaFriendFinder review believes the cost of this platform is fair and worth it.

Registration Process

Registration at AsiaFriendFinder is a relatively quick process and should only take clients five minutes of their time. AsiaFriendFinder is a matchmaking platform that provides users with excellent opportunities to find the perfect date. Do many people want to know – how does AsiaFriendFinder work? The answer will be revealed when you reach the end of this article. Singles who register on this site will need to enter details about themselves, such as age, email address, marital status, gender, and sexuality.

All these questions will help the system provide the best algorithm match for your needs. Newcomers can search for long-term relationships here as well as casual flings. According to our review, the age groups that are active on the site are above 25. After completing the registration information, users need to add a little introduction about themselves. There are five questions which singles will need to complete.

AsiaFriendFinder create account

Searching Features

There are many ways that clients can make contact with ladies online at AsiaFriendFinder. Our AsiaFriendFinder dating website review has uncovered great chat rooms available for verified clients to use. There are also blogs where users can interact with others too. It is worth paying for a membership, as the free users will be limited in such a department otherwise. Male members can send winks to other women they admire. It is also possible to add comments on photos of other users you like the look of.

Many people like to ask, is AsiaFriendFinder a good dating site? Yes. There are fantastic features that make looking for love a joy. With this platform making friends with others who are on the site is easy and quick. You will not find many fake accounts as the site is not scam.

Free vs Paid Version

To be a paid member of the site gives clients much better access and chances of finding love. This review has taught us that free users will not get to show their interest to other clients. So by paying for a silver or gold membership, users will be able to express their feelings more. With a free account at AsiaFriendFinder, clients will get to upload pictures, create a hotlist, and they can add favorite photos to their account. They are also able to add comments on blogs.

Paid members get more advantages as they can Flirt with those they admire. They can see full profile pages, which include full-size images of photos. Silver and Gold members can watch new videos on the platform. They can start contact with those they like. They can also add friends. The truth about AsiaFriendFinder is that clients that pay a fee per month will be happier with their results.

Profile Quality

There is more than enough personal information on each client’s profile page. When you look through a girl’s profile, you see her age, hobbies, and other personal data. There are different sets of questions that singles can choose to answer on their profile page. Some of these are goals, how you look at life, personality traits, and how your body looks. All of these will need to be answered in your way as there are no multiple choice answers available.

The AsiaFriendFinder free search is limited. Ideally, singles should pay for a membership to make the most of their chances on the platform. Only members can view complete profiles. It is worth remembering that the more data you add to your page, the more interest you will receive. So if you are very serious about finding a partner or hookup, pay a membership fee.

AsiaFriendFinder users

Mobile Application

There is a universal app available for clients of the FriendFinder network. It is a legit app that allows users to have fun on the go, wherever they desire. With such a service, members of AsianFriendFinder can look for a date on the bus, on the train, or in a supermarket.

Safety & Security

Members of the site will not have to have sleepless nights worrying about their data being leaked. The site uses secure encryption technology that protects all data on the platform. Is AsiaFriendFinder safe? Yes, according to our review, we can say it is safe. All payments made on the site are secure and safe.

Help & Support

Members will be able to read the FAQ section, which is available on the platform. It is there where clients can get answers to some of their queries like, is AsiaFriendFinder any good. If this section does not answer your issue, it is best to contact the helpful staff members willing to assist. You may contact them via the form on the site.

Now you have reached the end of our AsiaFriendFinder review; we hope you have all the answers you need. We have tried our best to give you all the relevant information to make an informed decision. We hope now you know the answer to what is The best advice we can provide readers with is to try it out for yourself. It allows you to make a good decision based on your needs. But in our eyes, the site has a bit of everything.

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Is AsiaFriendFinder Safe?

Yes, there are safety measures in place so clients can feel secure when they are active online. Clients can also block any other user on the site. Our review on AsiaFriendFinder dating site has shown that there are also helpful staff members that will always assist in any way they can.

Is AsiaFriendFinder a Real Dating Site?

This is a legit dating platform where clients can meet like-minded others searching for love. It can change people’s lives in an instant. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, and then the fun can begin. There are thousands of hot, sexy girls on this site, all searching for the right man. Why not check it out for yourself.

How Many Members Does it Have?

Many members have joined this dating platform. The exact numbers are not released, but many AsiaFriendFinder reviews estimate thousands of singles. Many of these clients are from the United States of America. The reason there are high numbers from this country is there are lots of middle-aged American men looking for a stable life partner.

Is it Worth It?

All our research for this review has told us yes, it is worth paying for. Foreign men have the chance to meet many girlfriends and turn them into future wives. So, the best way to answer “is AsiaFriendFinder worth it” is to check the platform out with your own eyes and decide.

How to Use AsiaFriendFinder?

It is super simple to visit this site and search for the perfect partner. All users will need to do is register by adding their details. You can then start their search for what they desire. These helpful features allow members to head to chat rooms where other clients are waiting to chat. Or there is a fantastic messaging service that can help too.

Is AsiaFriendFinder Free?

You can use some aspects of this platform for free. But it is certainly recommended that clients pay the membership fee. Those that want to use the site for free can see some profiles and other features. But as we said earlier in this review, it is limited.

Can I Use it Anonymously?

Yes, many clients create a username that is not their real name. It is down to each individual to decide what they would like to do. It is straightforward to use your username instead, and if you get close to other users, you should give them your real name.

How Can I Delete My Profile?

All clients will need to do is go to the settings tab and click delete account. The team will remove all data from the platform. Users have a chance to register once again if they change their minds. In this case, the team will restore their data. This AsiaFriendFinder review of website has proven that anything is possible on this platform.