Find Chinese Women Easily: A Guide on How to Find and Marry Such a Lady

Updated on Jun 2022
date June 1, 2022

Are you a man interested in Chinese women and is open to everything? Then you’ve come to the right place! We will tell you all you need to know about hot Chinese women. They are widely considered very loyal, cuddly, and family-oriented. Nevertheless, such a lady still has what it takes to make a career. Local hotties prefer men who are successful and radiate security. This is not only about financial independence but also about being a family man.

If interested, keep reading as we shed light on various aspects of getting to know a Chinese girl, dating and marrying her.

What Are Chinese Women Like? Main Features

If you want to get to know a Chinese woman, you should first say goodbye to Western values and think your way into the world of the Chinese giant empire with its millennia-old culture. Women from China have grown up in a conflict between tradition and modernity, which they master with bravura.

Another aspect charming ladies from this country had to deal with was birth control because population growth in China was to be contained. That’s why beautiful Chinese women played a minor role for a long time, and girls were usually aborted. It was necessary to ensure the survival of the family so that the male descendant was preferred.

Fortunately, this scenario has changed because of the rapid economic rise; women are now needed as specialists and managers. Chinese women are in demand in both national and international companies because they are considered intelligent, career-conscious, disciplined, and ambitious. They can convince anybody with their unique charm, and this also applies to the search for a partner. So if you are a family man looking for a woman who radiates a natural eroticism, is courteous, well educated, and still cares for a man, such a relationship is ideal for you. What else do Chinese girls surprise foreign men with? Here are some characteristics of Chinese woman.

Dating Chinese Girls: Enjoying Beauty

Chinese singles are usually quite small. The average height is 156 centimeters, and the average weight is 57.3 kilograms. Usually, girls in China emphasize their femininity with long, dark, and shiny hair.

Their fine facial features and the eyes in the typical Asian form impress foreign men as well. Eye color is between brown and black, which depends on the part of the country.

Local ladies have light skin and take good care of it. Chinese girls need a lot of time for hygiene.

Chinese Women

Chinese Women – Fashionable and Trend-Conscious

Chinese girls usually attach great importance to their appearance. For instance, nose plastic surgery is considered normal. Besides, they are also picky when it comes to clothing. They prefer modern clothing with traditional elements. The harmony of the colors plays a significant role, and they also attach great importance to quality. Of course, it should be taken into account that women from the country’s big cities dress differently from Chinese women in the countryside. However, this difference can be observed not only in China but probably worldwide.

Due to their petite stature, Chinese women can wear almost anything. Every style suits them well, especially since they know how to combine different style elements. They also value accessories with which they skillfully underline their outfits.

Chinese women are widely regarded as very well dressed and stand for elegance, diversity, and style in work and in everyday life. With sophisticated make-up, they underline their natural beauty without exaggerating it.

Character and Mentality of Chinese Women

Once you meet Chinese women, you will notice how much they differ from other ladies. Chinese women are considered independent and strong. However, you do not discover these characteristics at first glance but only when you get to know each other.

At first, they seem passive and reserved. It is important for them to keep face. Thus, every problem becomes a challenge, and it is tackled with full force. These ladies frequently have impressive careers but are also great mothers.

Chinese: Top Misconceptions

Perhaps it is about the Chinese that there are the most rumors, clichés, and prejudices, often completely wild. So here are the most common misconceptions a person eager to date Chinese women has probably heard.

Terribly Scandalous

When you hear locals communicating, it seems that they are endlessly sorting out the relationship, being not shy at all. And if you don’t know the language, even when a person apologizes to you, you can easily get the impression that he curses your whole family to the seventh knee. In fact, these people (and brides, of course) are not scandalous at all; it’s just that their language requires tough intonations. And they’re used to talking loudly.

Obsessed With a Healthy Lifestyle

This myth arose because it’s not so easy to meet an overweight local. Local residents like to be fit, so they invest effort in it. But at the same time, the Chinese turned out to be the most smoking nation in the world: in a year, they smoke a third of all cigarettes produced in the world.

They Eat Rubbish

In the eyes of some people, a Chinese is someone who fills a stomach every day with everything that crawls, flies or hides in the tree bark. In reality, brides who reside in most major cities are completely alien to all these culinary experiments. They eat about the same thing every day: rice, vegetables, fish, meat. No grasshoppers, scorpions, bats. Such a tendency characterizes the Chinese province, where people, let’s say, try to diversify their menu.

They Live Strictly According to Feng Shui

When dating Chinese woman, you may face another misconception: Feng Shui. The world still believes that the locals can’t take a step without Feng Shui, always walk with a compass and make sure that the front door is not opposite the window, and a mirror is necessarily hanging at the dining table. Locals themselves admit that some of their compatriots are still faithful to Feng Shui – mostly very rich people. Speaking about ordinary Chinese, they may consider Feng Shui, but not necessarily.

Main Types of Chinese Ladies

There are several types of ladies you can meet in China. Take a look.

  1. Shanghai brides – elegant, fashionable, and luxurious.
  2. Guangzhou women – these ladies make perfect wives.
  3. Beijing brides – independent, sociable, smart, and passionate.
  4. Hubei ladies – strong, incredibly beautiful, and confident.
  5. Northeastern brides – women who reside in provinces are very loyal, honest, and also have high standards.

How To Start Date With Chinese Girls: Main Tips

If you are interested in dating, here is the good news: Chinese women looking for American men are numerous. Chinese girls are aware of how attractive they are yet are not among the women who consciously and aggressively use their charm. Instead, they want security and trust in their lives above all. When looking for a partner in China, it is important to consider the following points:

  • Always stay friendly. Friendliness is something you should always show. In general, an average Chinese single woman is reserved but still very friendly, and that’s what they expect from their partners. If you want to be perceived positively, you should consider this.
  • Restraint. Chinese women do not so well receive offensive behavior; that’s understandable. Kind words and small signs of attention are the much better way into the heart of your dream woman.
  • Interest in culture. You should definitely be open to Chinese culture because you can only build a stable partnership on understanding and respect. The Chinese sometimes have very special traditions. Let them explain to you calmly.

Another Thing to Know: Chinese Wedding

Are you marrying a Chinese partner, or are you invited to a wedding as a guest? In this country, the wedding day is considered the most beautiful day in the life of the newlyweds. The wedding ceremony will inspire you, that’s for sure. Fireworks pop, dragons decorate the room, horoscopes are created, and you could almost think it’s New Year’s Eve.

The wedding celebration in China has changed a lot over the years. Whether in wedding clothing, banquets, or gifts, the Western influence is noticeable everywhere. It is beautiful that some traditions and customs of ancient times have not been forgotten and are still celebrated today.

Find Chinese Women

In the past, a Chinese wedding, similar to today’s ceremony, was intended to connect the bride, the groom, and the future in-laws. Rules had to be observed and followed. In some cases, in the past, the wedding party was limited to drinking tea and eating some sweets. Can you imagine such a ceremony nowadays?

Today, the Chinese wedding is celebrated enthusiastically, and the wedding guests enjoy an exclusive banquet. The newlyweds do not live in the same household but with their parents until the wedding. The bride’s parents decorate a room of the apartment with dragons. The groom has to pick up the bride on the wedding day, but the door to the decorated room will not be opened to him until he has solved some tasks.

The red color plays a major role in local weddings. Red symbolizes happiness and satisfaction. Many brides choose a white wedding dress, as in the West, but those who value tradition marry in a red dress. Often the bride buys two dresses, red and white. For the ceremony, the bride puts on a white wedding dress; at the wedding party, she wears the red one.

An Attitude Of a Chinese Woman To a Foreign Man

If you are a well-educated, professionally successful man, your chances of getting to know a woman on your own or through a dating agency are high. Chinese women dating will be pretty easy for you. Chinese girls prefer European men who are self-confident, child-loving, sporty, successful, and family-related. Of course, the financial aspect also plays a role because, after all, a Chinese girl wants to be able to raise her children without worries. Children play a major role for these brides and round off family happiness.

You will achieve plus points if you can keep calm no matter what. In addition, you should be open to a good conversation and be able to make your bride laugh. If you have good time management skills and can combine building a career and spending time with your family, Chinese girls are what you need. Local ladies appreciate it when you go on excursions with them, plan a restaurant visit, and invite them to the theater or opera.

How to Get To Know a Chinese Woman

In large cities, there are large Chinese communities. These people like to live together in places that produce the worldwide phenomenon of ChinaTowns. But this does not mean that locals disconnect from the rest of society. They seek contact with other residents and can never be called alienated. So you will find girls in big cities rather than in the flat country. They like to go to beautiful and worth seeing places, visit theaters and operas or enjoy delicious food in restaurants. Of course, Asian restaurants are preferred.

If you want to date Chinese girl, getting to know each other through a dating agency is even easier. After all, brides also long to find their dream partner in the easiest way. They are open to modern media, which also applies to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. If you still want to look for a bride yourself, it is best to go on a trip to the Middle Kingdom right away. You should prefer East Chinese cities because it is precisely there that many women are waiting to get to know their dream partner. It is recommended to visit restaurants and discos, participate in celebrations, and make friends with local residents. Thus, you will quickly be invited to parties where your future wife may also be waiting for you.

Pros and Cons of Having a Chinese Girlfriend

So, to sum it up, here are the main advantages and disadvantages of international relationships with one of the local hotties.


  • She is beautiful.
  • Such a lady is supportive.
  • Your bride is a good interlocutor.
  • A girl can combine family life and career.
  • She is extremely loyal.


  • Cultural differences.
  • Language barrier.
  • You may face a need to move to her country (if she does not want to move to yours).


How Many Local Ladies Are Unmarried?

The total population of China is 1.4 billion people; there are 34 million more men than women. So, winning the heart of one of the local hotties becomes even more desirable: thousands of men will envy you if you manage to win the bride’s heart.

What Not to Do When Dating Such a Woman?

Do not meet her parents until you decide that your relationship has entered a serious phase. Even if the relationship is casual, you should still ask about their health, as well as pay attention to all the other things she mentions. Don’t try to draw too much attention to yourself. If you want to earn the respect of your girlfriend’s family and friends, be polite and humble, even if it’s not typical for you.

How to Meet a Local Girl Online?

The age of high technology makes it possible to get acquainted with oriental beauties without leaving home. Simply utilize one of the modern dating platforms, communicate with ladies, and realize everything is possible!