Hot Chinese Women

Updated on May 2022
date May 5, 2022

China is well-known to most people. And it is common knowledge that this is the world’s most populous country. China is well-known to most people because of its rapid economic and technical development, as well as its complicated political framework. In truth, China has provided the world with a number of creative and significant products that no other country has been able to produce. But why isn’t anyone talking about Chinese hot women, who are a tremendously gorgeous subset of the population? This is clearly an undervalued attitude toward them because hot Chinese babes are extremely attractive and deserving of the attention of both local and international men. Stay with us to find out the hottest Chineses.

Why Are Chinese Women So Beautiful?

Many foreigners from various nations are interested in meeting lovely Chinese sexy girl these days. It’s something new and unfamiliar to them, but it’s also quite intriguing. Many people are hesitant because they believe they don’t know anything about beautiful Chinese girls. So let’s get this party started and discover more about these gorgeous Chinese babes. These women, after all, have everything they need to be wonderful girls and wives.

Hot Chinese Girls Have Women’s Wisdom

This is almost one of a hot Chinese female’s most vital characteristics. We all know that in a woman’s relationship, males require support, care, and assistance. Hot Chinese females have become a great source of support for males, thanks to their knowledge. They just excel at the role of muse. Chinese wives are always by their husbands’ sides, which is very significant to them. Chinese spouses are knowledgeable and wise enough to know what to say and when to keep silent in order to prevent quarrels and misunderstandings. This is a very vital skill to have while living with a man.

Chinese Ladies Are Excellent Hosts

Not all guys see the benefit of marrying a Chinese lady! After all, she is the one who does all of the housekeeping and does it really well. A tidy house, delicious handmade meals, and well-educated children are just a few examples. It is given to them by their mothers and passed on to their offspring. Chinese women place a high priority on their families and will go to great lengths to ensure their comfort and convenience.

Trust and Dedication

All Asian representatives are famed for their dedication and commitment, which they taught to their children from an early age. Chinese hot ladies, in particular, who are hunting for spouses. They are taught that a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event for a woman. Because divorce is frowned upon in their community, it has become a source of humiliation for the entire family. As a consequence, these ladies will do all possible to save their families and guarantee that everyone is happy. Chinese brides seldom fight and are always prepared to forgive those they love. You should not, however, disrespect these girls on purpose since they will not forgive you.

Hot Chinese Chicks Are Devoted To Their Men

Everyone assumes that Chinese beautiful women are little more than gray mice. This, however, is not the case. By nature, they are quite timid. However, if you learn more about Chinese women, it appears that way at first look… That is why they are suitable wives for their husbands. After all, the folks seem calm and unconcerned. For their husbands, hot Chinese women are enticing mistresses. And it’s only for one person – their husband – that they can be like that.

Chinese Are Clever And Well-Educated

Sexy Chinese chicks are both clever and beautiful. Chinese educated and intelligent ladies are proof that intelligent women may also be highly gorgeous. Chinese women are voracious readers who are well-versed in a wide range of topics. Their elders teach them a lot of intriguing stuff. Beautiful Chinese women are well-educated, well-read, and capable of solving a wide variety of problems, in addition to having had higher education. They have strong ideas on a variety of issues and are willing to defend them in the event of a disagreement.

Top 31 Sexiest and Hottest Chinese Girls

#1 Angela Hui

  • Date of birth: May 5, 1993
  • Number of followers: 127k
  • Hometown: Hong Kong
  • Profession: Singer

Angela Hui Chin-Wang had three years of experience in the music industry when she graduated from the Hong Kong Business School at the age of 23. She had also released three CDs during that time. If you want to keep up with Angela’s music and personal life, follow her on Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

#2 Liu Yifei


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A post shared by Liu Yifei (@yifei_cc)

  • Date of birth: August 25, 1987
  • Number of followers: 772k
  • Hometown: Wuhan
  • Profession: Model, singer, and actress

Actress, singer, and model from the People’s Republic of China. According to Forbes, she has consistently been on the list of China’s top 100 celebrities, and in 2009, she was designated one of the country’s top four new actresses. In China, she is referred to as “Sister Fairy.”

#3 Gao Yuanyuan


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A post shared by 高圆圆 (@gaoyuanyuan_gyy)

  • Date of birth:5 October 1979
  • Number of followers: 1.3m
  • Hometown: Beijing
  • Profession: Actress and model

For her acting abilities and exotic beauty, Gao Yuanyun has been dubbed the “National Goddess of China.” She appeared in a number of well-known films. She was also the first Chinese agent for the French luxury label Longchamp.

#4 Fan Bingbing

  • Date of birth: September 16, 1981
  • Number of followers: 3,8m
  • Hometown: Cindao
  • Profession: Actress

Fan Bingbing is a singer and actress from China. Fan has been praised by fans and reviewers for his artistic talent, which he has been developing since boyhood. She has demonstrated her abilities as a producer, performer, and one of the hot Chinese models.

#5 Victoria Song


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A post shared by Victoria Song宋茜 (@victoria02_02)

  • Date of birth: February 2, 1987
  • Number of followers: 3,3m
  • Hometown: Cindao
  • Profession: Singer, actress

She is presently working as an actor, soloist, presenter, author, and model in China. In 2010, she starred in the TV show We Got Married, where her “husband” was 2PM’s Nichkhun. She is well-known for her amazing flexibility, which she frequently displays on variety and reality shows.

#6 Wang Fei Fei


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A post shared by 王霏霏Fei페이 (@ff0427)

  • Date of birth: April 27, 1987
  • Number of followers: 1m
  • Hometown: Haikou
  • Profession: Singer and actress

Fei is a hot Chinese woman, singer, and actress who goes by the stage name Fei. From the group’s inception in 2010 until its disbandment in 2017, she was a member of the South Korean girl group miss A. In 2016, she made her solo debut in Korea with the short album “Fantasy.”

#7 Angelababy


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A post shared by Angelababy (@angelababyct)

  • Date of birth: February 28, 1989
  • Instagram Profile: @angelababyct
  • Number of followers: 8,2m
  • Hometown: Hong Kong
  • Profession: Actress, singer, model

Angelababy is not just a sexy Chinese woman, but also a well-known actress, model, and singer. She understands exactly what she wants and fulfills all of her objectives, which just adds to her charm and sexiness.

#8 Vivii


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A post shared by ♡ Vivii ♡ (@vivekatt)

  • Date of birth: October 1, 1994
  • Number of followers: 185k
  • Hometown: China
  • Profession: Blogger, social media influencer

Vivii is a well-known blogger who has made a name for herself as a content creator who is both creative and talented. She is incredibly attractive and sexy.

#9 Sham Yen Yi


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A post shared by Shirley Sham 沈殷怡 (@shamshirley)

  • Date of birth: June 22, 1994
  • Instagram Profile: @shamshirley
  • Number of followers: 212k
  • Hometown: Hong Kong
  • Profession: Model

Sham Yen Yi is a Hong Kong-based Chinese beauty pageant winner who was named Miss Earth China 2014 and represented China in the Miss Earth 2014 contest. ViuTV has been her home since 2018.

#10 Chen Nuanyang

  • Date of birth:July 26, 1990
  • Number of followers: 554k
  • Hometown: Beijing
  • Profession: Model

Chen Nuan Yang is a popular Instagram user in China. Chen Nuan Yang uses Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to post photographs and talks about her daily life. Chen is one of the most popular models in the world.

#11 Zhang Yuqi


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A post shared by 张雨绮 (@yuqi.z)

  • Date of birth: May 8, 2002
  • Number of followers: 30k
  • Hometown: Huangshi
  • Profession: Singer-songwriter

Rachel Zhang is a hot Chinese teen girl, singer, and composer who goes by the name Zhang Youqi. She gained fame after appearing on Hunan TV’s children’s singing program “Let’s Sing Children” in 2013. She was the champion of Tencent Video’s musical talent contest The Coming One Girls in 2019.

#12 Li Bingbing


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A post shared by Li Bingbing 李冰冰 (@libingbing)

  • Date of birth: 27 February 1973
  • Number of followers: 558k
  • Hometown: Wuchang
  • Profession: Singer and actress

This Chinese actress is well-known. For her part in Knot, she won the Best Actress award at China’s most prestigious Huabao Award Ceremony on August 26, 2007.

#13 Chris Lee

  • Date of birth: March 10, 1984
  • Number of followers: 178k
  • Hometown: Chendu
  • Profession: Singer, songwriter, and actress

Chris Lee is a singer, composer, and actor who specializes in pop music. Chris is also a well-known fashion figure. After winning the 2006 Super Girl Singing Competition, she rose to stardom.

#14 Ming Xi


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A post shared by Ming Xi (@mingxi11)

  • Date of birth: March 8, 1990
  • Number of followers: 1,6 m
  • Hometown: Shanghai
  • Profession: Top model

Ming Xi is a Chinese top model and Victoria’s Secret Angel. Michael Kors, Kenzo, Chanel, Moschino, Max Mara, and Dolce & Gabbana were among the designers she walked in at various periods.

#15 Zhou Xun

  • Date of birth:18 October 1974
  • Number of followers: 5k
  • Hometown: Quzhou
  • Profession: Actor

It is well-known as one of China’s four “Dan Astres.” He has received practically every accolade in the entertainment industry, including the Hong Kong Film Awards and the Ihanghai Award.

$16 Sun Feifei

  • Date of birth:February 21, 1981
  • Number of followers:475k
  • Hometown: Xi’an
  • Profession: Model

Fei Fei Song is a Chinese top model. In the modeling business from an early age. He is the face of the famous cosmetics and perfume manufacturer Estée Lauder.

#17 Wang Likun

  • Date of birth: March 22, 1985
  • Instagram Profile: @wanglikunblog
  • Number of followers: 30k
  • Hometown: Chifeng
  • Profession: Actress and dancer

Claudia Wang, sometimes known as Wang Likun is a Chinese actress and dancer. Her most well-known roles are Seven Swordsmen (2006), Beauty Rival in the Palace (2010), and Beijing Youth.

#18 Liu Yifei


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A post shared by Liu Yifei (@yifei_cc)

  • Date of birth: August 25, 1987
  • Number of followers: 772k
  • Hometown: Wuhan
  • Profession: Actress, singer, and model

Chinese actress, singer, and model who won the Golden Lotus Award for Best Actress at the Macau International Film Festival. Liu Yifei got offers to feature in television shows almost immediately after enrolling in the Beijing Film Academy. In the television series “The Story of a Noble Family,” she made her debut appearance.

#19 Du Juan

  • Date of birth: September 15, 1982
  • Number of followers: 2k
  • Hometown: Shanghai
  • Profession: Actress, model, and former ballet dancer.

Du Juan is the first and only East Asian model to be featured on the cover of Vogue Paris and she has graced the cover of Vogue China an unprecedented 18 times, more than any other model or celebrity.

#20 Cecilia Cheung


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A post shared by 張柏芝 (@cecilia_pakchi_cheung)

  • Date of birth: 24 May 1980
  • Number of followers: 694k
  • Hometown: Hong Kong
  • Profession: Actress and cantopop singer

Cheung is known as a “Sing girl,” an actress who rose to prominence after co-starring with Stephen Chow and went on to have a great career of her own. In 1998, she was cast in a television advertisement for lemon tea, which launched her career.

#21 Yao Chen


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A post shared by Yao Chen 姚晨 (@yaochenofficial)

  • Date of birth: October 5, 1979
  • Number of followers: 8k
  • Hometown: Shishi
  • Profession: Actress

Yao Chen is a philanthropist and actress from China. In 2014, Time selected Yao to their Time 100 list as one of the most important individuals. Forbes ranked her as the 83rd most influential woman in the world in 2014.] She’s been dubbed “China’s Angelina Jolie” by several English-language media sites.

#22 Lin Yun


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A post shared by 林允 (@jellylinyun)

  • Date of birth: April 16, 1996
  • Number of followers: 520k
  • Hometown: Huzhou
  • Profession: Actress

Lin Yun, popularly known as Jelly Lin in the United States, is a Chinese actress. She is well recognized for her portrayal of Ariel in the 2016 film The Mermaid.

#23 Liu Shishi

  • Date of birth: 10 March 1987
  • Number of followers: 54k
  • Hometown: Beijing
  • Profession: Actress

Liu Shishi is a Chinese actress who holds a ballet diploma from the Beijing Dance Academy. Long Kui in the Chinese TV shows Paladin 3, Red Heart, and The Imperial Doctor is her most well-known role.

#24 Zhang Xinyu

  • Date of birth: 28 March 1987
  • Number of followers: 313k
  • Hometown: Kunshan
  • Profession: Actress, singer, and model.

Wiang Zhang is another name for Zhang Xinyu. Zhang made her acting debut in The Banner Hero, a historical drama. She rose to fame in China after being the spokeswoman for the national competition of football beauties at the 2010 World Cup.

#25 Ju Jing Yi


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A post shared by 鞠婧祎 JU JINGYI (@ju__jingyi)

  • Date of birth: June 18, 1994
  • Number of followers: 110k
  • Hometown: Sichuan
  • Profession: Singer and actress

Ju Jingyi is a singer, dancer, and actor from China. She rose to prominence as a member of SNH48, a Chinese idol girl group. ‘Legend of Yun Xi’ (2018), ‘Mr. Swimmer’ (2018), and ‘Legend of Yun Xi’ (2018) are just a few of the dramas in which the outstanding actress has appeared.

#26 Zhang Jingchu


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A post shared by 张静初 (@jingchu.z)

  • Date of birth: 2 February 1980
  • Number of followers: 8 k
  • Hometown: Yong’an
  • Profession: Actress

She is a beautiful Chinese girl, an actress who has been in a number of films. Zhang is most recognized for her performance in the 2005 film Peacock, which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and won the China Film Media Award for Best Actress.

#27 Xu Jinglei


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A post shared by 李靚蕾 Jinglei (@jl.leilei)

  • Date of birth 16 April 1974
  • Number of followers: 899 k
  • Hometown: Beijing
  • Profession: Actress

Xu Jinglei is a film director and actress from China. In China, she was regarded as one of the Four Dan Actresses. Her work in Far From Home earned her the Golden Rooster Award for Best Supporting Actress.

#28 Jia


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A post shared by Song Ji-a (@dear_ziar)

  • Date of birth: February 3, 1989
  • Instagram Real Profile: @dear.zia
  • Instagram Fan Profile: @dear_ziar
  • Number of followers: 3.4m
  • Hometown: Loudi
  • Profession: Singer and actress

Meng Jia is a Chinese singer and actress who goes by the stage name Jia. Until her contract terminated in May 2016, she was a member of the South Korean girl group Miss A. Meng Jia signed with Banana Culture Music in 2016 to continue her solo career in China following her departure.

#29 Guan Xiaotong


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A post shared by GuanXiaoTong (@stronger917)

  • Date of birth: September 17, 1997
  • Number of followers: 824k
  • Hometown: Beijing
  • Profession: Actress, model, singer

Guan Xiaotong is a Manchu-descendant Chinese actress and singer. Her credits include the films The Left Ear and Shadow, as well as the television series To Be a Better Man.

#30 Karena Ng


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A post shared by KarenaNg // 吳千語 (@karena_ngs)

  • Date of birth: October 27, 1993
  • Number of followers: 186k
  • Hometown: Zhejiang
  • Profession: Actress and model

Ng first appeared in a commercial for Tempo tissue paper in 2010. Ng made her acting debut in the Hong Kong comedy Magic to Win, directed by Wilson Yip, in 2011. At the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards, she was nominated for Best New Performer.

#31 Gaile Lok


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A post shared by Gaile Lok aka Gia (@gaileofficial)

  • Date of birth: August 22, 1980
  • Number of followers: 51,5k
  • Hometown: Hong Kong
  • Profession: Actress and model

Gaile Lok is another name for Gaile Lai. Gaile went to school in the United States. Some Hong Kong entertainment news journals compared her appearance to that of Shu Qi, a Taiwanese actress when she first made her debut.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Hottest Chinese Woman?

You should not choose a female based on our recommendations. After all, picking the best female is nearly impossible. Because it will be a different female for everyone. We all have different preferences when it comes to food. That’s why we’ve only shown you the greatest Chinese ladies; now it’s up to you to make your own choices.

Which Cities Have The Hottest Women In China?

According to Jing Daily, cities with the hottest women are Shanghai, Hong Kong, Chongqing, and Beijing. Women from these regions have a variety of physical characteristics, and the ones that we like most are purely depending on our personal tastes. Don’t mistakenly believe that ladies outside of these locations aren’t appealing. In China, all the women are stunning.

What Is Considered A Beautiful Woman In China?

As you can see, Chinese beauty standards differ substantially from Western notions of female desirability and are sometimes diametrically opposed. Their flawless white complexion and black hair appear to be nothing. This is what distinguishes gorgeous beautiful Chinese woman.