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Updated on Mar 2021
date March 22, 2021

You’ve probably heard of Shanghai, the city with the largest number of young and affordable Chinese girls in the world. This story is somewhat romanticized thanks to the efforts of the mass media, but on the whole, it is quite true. If we are talking about the Chinese capital of young girls, then we are almost certainly talking about Shanghai. Shanghai singles attract the attention of many seekers, especially those who have long wanted to start a relationship with Chinese girls.

Chinese girls in Shanghai are of interest not only to men in America but also to American specialists in China. It so happened that Shanghai is not only the Chinese capital of young girls, but also a large industrial center with production facilities, and a local business center, in which the central offices of many large companies are concentrated. It so happened that a huge number of young and free American specialists from various fields are concentrated in Shanghai. And these specialists, for obvious reasons, are not least interested in Shanghai pickup bars.

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Shanghai Nightlife for Expats 

Shanghai is not only a large industrial center. Shanghai is historically considered almost China’s Las Vegas. Life in this city is in full swing around the clock, and not least thanks to the many nightlife entertainments.

Shanghai at night is an almost living embodiment of the legendary “Neuromancer” written by Gisbon, or, to put it simply, as close a reproduction of cyberpunk major city as you can imagine. Endless nighttime signs of bars, pubs, and establishments alternate, while artificially lit neighborhoods coexist with gloomy industrial and residential districts. Shanghai’s central districts at night are a vast field of exploration for extreme tourists and underground enthusiasts.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that it is to these quarters that American specialists go on weekends or after a hard day at work. Even less surprising, in light of all the facts described above, Shanghai’s nightlife pubs are filled with young and beautiful girls. Some of them spend there hoping to earn extra money overnight and do not particularly harm foreign tourists. Such a minority – in the overwhelming majority, these charming Chinese ladies also hunt foreigners, but they do it in a fundamentally different way.

Due to the extremely low level of social life in China, young girls dream of getting out of the country, no matter how much it costs them. The easiest way is to try to meet a foreign specialist. It is important to understand that most women from Shanghai do not initially set themselves selfish goals. It would be correct to say that, all other things being equal, Shanghai singles give preference to foreigners. As a rule, young and free Americans are not averse to meeting a charming stranger in a pub.

People who are sufficiently knowledgeable and perfectly understand what is going on even have their own hunt going on. A kind of night safari in connection with pubs is highly likely to bring a girlfriend for the next night and, much less likely, a potential bride in the future. In addition, specialized Shanghai dating sites are extremely popular, which allow you to find a partner in Shanghai in just a few minutes of searching. At the same time, unspoken local etiquette immediately recommends designating as transparently as possible what exactly you expect from a girl.

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Where to Find a Shanghai Girl?

The situation with Chinese wives is somewhat more complicated than with wives from any other region. Many people know that China is separated from the civilized European world not only by the Great Wall of China but also by the Internet firewall. In fact, China has its own Internet, and all overseas products come out there under Chinese brands. Nevertheless, the population has long learned to bypass the firewall and register on international dating sites. It is there that you should first of all look for Chinese brides – register at one of the popular international dating services on your own.

Why Everyone Loves Chinese Shanghai Girls?

Nevertheless, many men are ready to go to the crusades for Chinese wives despite all the difficulties. Because the girls from China are loyal and loyal. In addition, most of them are quite smart, and a specific traditional mentality puts home comfort and family in the first place in their personal value system. 

At What Age Can You Get Married in China?

The answer to this question may surprise you. However, if you think about it and take into account the extremely difficult demographic situation in the country, then everything immediately falls into place. As the Chinese leaders say, a late and judicious marriage should be wounded. Due to the catastrophic overpopulation and record-high population density, girls can get married in China at the age of at least twenty. For men, the minimum mark is even twenty-two years.