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Updated on Mar 2023
date March 29, 2023

In the process of getting acquainted with the appearance of women living on the island of Taiwan, one can easily notice that their faces do not have Mongoloid features. Many argue that representatives of Taiwanese and Asian ladies have some similarities. For example, comparing the appearance of a Taiwanese woman and residents of Cambodia and Java, there is a feeling of their genetic relationship.


Taiwanese Women: The Reason Behind Their Good Looks

Taiwanese women are small compared to other women in the world, with an average of 160 cm and a slim figure. Asian genes have endowed women with small noses and perfect facial features. Unlike Chinese women, such a girl has large and expressive eyes. Another of the main features of the appearance of the representatives of Taiwan is the good quality of the skin and the long-term preservation of youth.

Taiwanese Women

In a serious relationship, women have a rather calm character and have great minds. Representatives of the country know how to sympathize, if the spouse has any problems, they will support and help in solving the problem. Girls are distinguished by the clarity of their statements, they prefer to formulate their thoughts clearly and specifically answer questions.

The Taiwanese date is quite superstitious and prone to conflict. Despite this, they are quite pragmatic and always strive to achieve success as quickly as possible. Taiwanese women are not prone to insults, on the contrary, they will try to communicate most gently so as not to humiliate or create discomfort in any way.

How Do Taiwanese Women Feel About American Boys?

Taiwanese women are open to communication with foreigners and consider Americans to be quite attractive guys. There are many aspects why Taiwanese women choose Americans:

  • Mentality and manners. Western men differ in character from Chinese men, they are famous for their responsibility and striving for the best. Taiwanese women are used to the fact that local men are not very smart and try to earn a living. Girls draw such conclusions from the life of their mothers, who have always tried to raise children and earn a living on their own.
  • Lifestyle. Women tend to love freedom, this is what distinguishes men from western countries. Americans are free people who like to say and do what they want. Taiwanese men are more down-to-earth and often box their spouses.
  • Masculinity. Women living in western countries are the personification of femininity and fragility, so each of them dreams of having a stately man next to her. American guys have a huge difference from Taiwanese, they are the breadwinners in the family and are ready to take full responsibility for the relationship with a woman.

In addition, according to comments on Quora women see great potential in dealing with western guys and believe that Asian women can be good life partners. It’s no secret that America is a fairly developed country, depending on the state, and American men often go about their business and develop in many areas, which can not but please modest, Taiwanese girls. Unlike western women, Taiwanese women appreciate many qualities in foreign men. We have investigated and read many of the views of Taiwanese women on how they feel about marriage with Americans.

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Why Is It Difficult for Western Men to Date Taiwanese Girls?

Most Taiwanese girls can boast of their elegance and sophistication, and this captivates many men. But despite their beauty, Taiwanese women have many barriers that guys can face when meeting them. There are some reasons why Western men have difficulty dating Taiwanese women:

  1. When meeting Taiwanese girls, the first thing to do is to study as much information as possible about Taiwanese culture. With the help of this knowledge, you will be more likely to conquer the girl and enter into a serious relationship with her, which will be prosperous and harmonious.
  2. Considering that Taiwanese women are shy, it is important to be able to find the right approach and win over them. Taiwanese ladies are distinguished by their modesty, and that is why when communicating with them it is important not to overstep the bounds of what is permitted and to communicate only on topics that will not embarrass them.
  3. For many Taiwanese girls, a life partner must have good taste in clothing and food. Taiwanese women love to dress beautifully and eat deliciously, so it is important for them that their spouse also has a sense of style and similar eating habits.
  4. A Taiwanese woman likes a calm rhythm of life, so when meeting them, you should not rush and be balanced. Taiwanese women love a quiet pastime and conversations, without hurrying anywhere and without fuss.
  5. Many Western guys believe that a girl can be attracted with the help of rolls or anime. This is a big mistake, so before meeting it is important to familiarize yourself with the whole range of interests of the girl, which often has a fairly large and varied range of emotions.

Date a Taiwanese girl who is quite nice and interesting. Given these facts, a Western guy can prepare for a date with a Taiwanese woman and make a good impression on her with further development. Often Taiwanese women are too modest, as a result of which a man may have problems with communication. But having studied all the issues and culture of Taiwan, he will succeed and charm the girl from the first minutes of communication.

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7 Easy Steps to Impress Taiwanese Women

When you meet hot Taiwanese girls, it is important to have enough knowledge to make a good impression on them. Taiwanese dating culture coincides with the world, but due to differences in culture and traditions, it is important to familiarize yourself with their intricacies to achieve maximum success in communication. We have prepared a list of tips for dating and steps to make a good impression on Taiwanese women:

  1. Age matters. According to statistics, men in Taiwan do not marry before the age of 31, and the average age for first marriage for girls is 29 years. In this regard, Taiwanese ladies prefer their future husbands to be older than them, who have already reached maturity. Local women call mature guys those who know how to make decisions and have good life experience. For girls, the age gap is not important, the main thing is that their man can take care of them and take responsibility.
  2. The ability to hear. The Taiwanese girl is distinguished by her modesty and inability to express her thoughts correctly. Most often, they answer any question in such a way as to relieve themselves of responsibility as much as possible. To many Western men, they seem too flexible and calm, because they are used to Western girls who have a wide range of emotions and always speak everything directly, which cannot be said about the residents of Taiwan. The best advice when dealing with a Taiwanese lady is to be patient and in no case show your dissatisfaction and be as relevant as possible.
  3. Relations with parents. Taiwan has a very prejudiced attitude towards dating, so Western guys need to be well prepared for meeting the girl’s parents. Be sure to show a good attitude towards their daughter, talk about prospects and family values, choose the right outfit and watch your manners so that parents are sure that their new family members are interested in their daughter. Your status will be a big plus, if you are a banker or a doctor, considering that you have already been accepted into the family.
  4. Respect. Meeting Taiwanese girls and continuing communication is only possible given the fact that they have a distorted impression of the attitude of men towards them. This is because, using the example of their parents, they saw how their mothers were obedient and worked endlessly without receiving anything in return. Therefore, when communicating with a representative of Taiwan, it is important to show your serious intentions and give her as many signs of attention as possible, for example, holding the door, helping prepare dinner, or carrying heavy bags.
  5. Attitude towards sports. If you are an active western guy, you can easily take beautiful Taiwanese girls with you to the beach or on a hike. Although they are not big fans of sports, Asian women like light workouts, yoga, and hiking. For Taiwanese women, it is important to spend time in places where you can take a lot of bright selfies. Beautiful places can be city parks, mountains or the beach.
  6. Attitude towards other women. Taiwanese women are notorious for their excessive jealousy. If Asian women notice a guy flirting with other girls, they may shut up and most girls may never get in touch again. The best advice, in this case, would be to give her as many compliments as possible and pay attention. In no case do not allow the girl to see correspondence with other female representatives, because this may end the relationship.
  7. Love photographs. Taiwanese women love to take various photos and selfies. You should get used to it and look at this process with admiration. The perfect partner will offer to take a couple of pictures for her and note how beautiful she is in them. In no case should you show that you are tired of waiting and you are dissatisfied with something. Taiwanese girlfriend does not like being discussed and can quickly get tired of it.
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Top 5 Places to Visit With a Taiwanese Woman

In Taiwan, there are a huge number of interesting places that are worth visiting with a Taiwanese girl at any time of the day. We have created a list of the top 5 places:

  • Night market. The night markets in Taiwan are one of the most exciting forms of entertainment at night. Many friends and couples in love prefer to go to this place instead of nightclubs. The market is always full of people, regardless of the day of the week and time of day. In the market, you can try a huge number of different traditional treats. There you can even find clothes, souvenirs and enjoy Taiwanese singles, so you can be sure that you will not leave empty-handed. A Taiwanese girl will appreciate such a walk and get a lot of impressions.
  • Landscapes of Taiwan. One of the wonderful ways to spend time is hiking in Taiwan. Taiwanese girls do not like sports, but hiking in beautiful places will be a pleasure for them! Huge mountains and waterfalls will impress any tourist. A great option for such a walk would be Yangmingshan National Park. Hiking trails have been built around the entire perimeter of the island so that everyone can walk on their own and enjoy nature. If you do not have enough knowledge, it is possible to hire a guide who will take you on a tour of the most beautiful and famous places.
  • Temples. Ancient temples in Taiwan are famous for their incredible history and beauty. Even before entering the temple, you can admire the beauty of the surroundings. The temples themselves stand out for their colorful decoration. If you have an artistic manner, booking a tour of Taiwan’s temples would be a great option.
  • Lantern Festival. A particularly romantic atmosphere in a hillside village. It hosts the famous sky lantern festival. This type of cultural recreation will appeal to lovers of art and romance. Looking at the sky at a time when all the lights went up, you will see real magic, which is breathtaking. One night stands can fill a relationship with romance and love.
  • The hot springs. The best place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax is Taiwan’s numerous hot springs. There are over 100 hot springs on the island, ranging in price from the cheapest to the most expensive. The rest of this kind does not require special preparation, you just need to take a towel and go ahead to enjoy.

How Do Foreigners Feel About Online Dating Taiwanese Women?

Fortunately, there are many opportunities to meet Taiwanese women online in today’s world. The women dating site will help you find the perfect Taiwanese girl and good, long-term serious relationships. Most women dream of marrying a foreigner and getting new and positive emotions from communication. Taiwanese women believe that Taiwanese guys are less promising and courageous, so if you are an ambitious foreigner, you have every chance to win the hearts of beautiful ladies.

In the process of online dating, it is important not to put pressure on the girl and give her time to think and sort out her impressions. Taiwanese girls often focus on their interests and cultural norms to look more attractive. Meet Taiwanese girls is a big deal for western men. Asian women love a healthy lifestyle and are very open to communication. If both parties are interested, the Taiwan woman will be happy to help you complete all the paperwork and organize the trip.

Various women dating sites help foreigners find their life partners. Proper dating service provides many benefits when meeting a Taiwanese girl online. You have the opportunity to choose all the characteristics that suit you, set certain criteria, and get the perfect match. Online dating Taiwanese girls allows you to study in detail the culture and concepts of a girl, which in the future will help you successfully meet your parents and have a happy marriage by organizing online dating in advance. Our free online resource is aimed at dating girls and meeting them in the future by accepting the women dating site offers.

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How Do Cultural Differences Affect Marriages Between Taiwanese Women and Foreigners?

Dating Taiwanese women is quite a serious process that you should prepare for. Cultural differences may affect the marriage with a Taiwanese girl. Before marrying a representative of Taiwan, you should familiarize yourself with the culture and traditions in detail.

Representatives of this nation respect their culture very much, so you need to learn as much as possible about its intricacies. This knowledge will help not only in personal relationships with Taiwanese wives but will also affect the attitude of her family towards you as a potential family member. We have prepared several blocks in which we will talk in detail about how cultural differences can affect marriage.


Cultural differences can affect the life and relationships of partners in a marriage. In Taiwan, relations develop much more slowly than in other countries. Culture provides for a calm and measured lifestyle. Taiwanese women do not like to conflict and express their dissatisfaction, most often in a relationship, Asian women bend under their spouse to avoid a quarrel. It is extremely rare for Taiwanese women to use offensive phrases against their spouses because they consider it unacceptable not only in relationships but in everyday life.

Dating Culture

Due to their excessive modesty, representatives of Taiwan prefer to go on dates with foreign men sometime after the start of communication. If you have a habit of holding hands or kissing on the first date, you should get rid of it, because women will not appreciate this and Asian women are categorically against premarital sex. Come up with a fun date where both partners will share the intricacies of their culture to get to know each other better. You should not put pressure on the girl and demand closeness from her ahead of time, this can scare her away and cause negative emotions.


In marriage, cultural differences can be more pronounced than in normal communication. Foreign women are very loyal to their partners and overly jealous. If your Taiwanese wife finds out about interacting with other women, she may shut up and leave without explaining anything. Therefore, connecting your life with representatives of this culture, you should forget about other women and give compliments only to your wife to make her feel unique and special, no matter the situation.

If you are serious about meeting and dating Taiwanese women online, make sure to watch this video with some useful tips:


Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that Taiwanese women are the standard of femininity and sophistication. Before meet local girls, it is worth preparing, having previously studied all the intricacies of Taiwanese culture. A Western guy must get along well with the girl’s parents to be accepted into the family and the relationship to be successful. To avoid casual dating, our free online resource will help you find a girl for life and a serious relationship.

Meeting a foreign girl in real life can be quite problematic. It is to make life easier for men that there are women dating sites that help you find a beautiful Taiwanese girl in a matter of minutes. To do this, you just need to register, write a little information about yourself and, according to the established criteria, choose a girl for yourself.

Online dating with Taiwan women is a great way to find a life partner who will become a wonderful wife and true friend while delighting every day with her beauty. Install dating apps, pay attention to pop ups with likes and find the girl of your dreams!


What Should Guys Know About Dating a Taiwanese Girl?

Dating a Taiwanese girl has certain requirements, first of all, it is important to know the intricacies of her culture. This factor will help to achieve excellent relationships and help to make an impression. Various dating services make it possible for foreign men to find a girl.

Do Taiwanese Women Like American Guys?

Definitely yes! Taiwanese women see great prospects in dealing with American guys and consider them more courageous and determined. We read many reviews and concluded that many American guys write that they are dating a Taiwanese girl.