How to Meet and Marry Japanese Women: Step-By-Step

Japanese women have exceptional charm and character traits that distinguish them not only from Western ladies but also from women from other parts of Asia. Many men would like to get to know Japanese women. A unique appearance and erotic charisma make the men from Europe dream of them. But what are the characteristics of Japanese woman? The following guide provides facts worth knowing.

What Are They Like? Main Features

Let’s first come to the typical appearance of an average Japanese woman: Japanese girls are usually slim, small, and petite and are therefore often perceived as sweet. The natural hair color of such a girl is dark; her eyes are almond-shaped and dark too. One must pay attention to the skin of these hotties: it is usually snow-white and flawless. Japanese girls like taking care of their skin: for this, they utilize a complex care system, which often consists of no less than ten stages!


Local brides love order, cleanliness, and adherence to deadlines. Courtesy is an important virtue for both women and men. Restraint and humility are also often very important for women from Asian countries in general and hot Japanese women in particular.


Beautiful Japanese women are considered extremely loyal. Her loyalty seems almost unshakable.

All Feelings Are Controlled

While in Western countries, people tend to share their feelings and emotions with others, in Japan, it is considered a special virtue to be able to control all feelings. Anyone interested in Japanese women dating should consider this so that the differences in mentality do not lead to disharmony and incomprehension.


In Japanese education, modesty, mastery, and discipline are paramount. From an early age, the education of Japanese girls involves selflessness and the willingness to serve both society and husbands. The family structure is greatly important, which Japanese hotties have mostly internalized. As for other aspects of upbringing and education, Japanese singles are usually well-educated. Moreover, many ladies from this area are interested in building a successful career.

Japanese Women


The country’s traditional family culture is based on loyalty and devotion to each other. If you want to find Japanese single woman, you should know she will not be a partner but a part of you.


Japanese brides are considered not only modest, humble, and shy but also highly elegant and stylish. They pay great attention to elegant clothing and a stylish appearance, as it is a real tradition in Japan. A stylish and attractive appearance, together with good manners, produce an unforgettable impression of foreign men who come to Japan. Japanese women looking for American men know how to impress people around with their benefits, so mind it!


Men love feminine women, and amazing Japanese brides have it in their blood. No wonder why geishas, representatives of the art of elegance, originate from this country.


There is something very appealing in Japanese girls. Her graceful movements, her radiant smile, her positive attitude, and her incredible female energy are part of the eastern charm of girls in Japan.


Hot Japanese women are so sought after because of their intelligence, not simply their stunning appearance. They are great at supporting their partner, being by his side, and discussing misunderstandings before they become problems. With such a lady, you will always enjoy complete harmony in relationships. If there are any problems, such a lady knows how to find a way out without losing her face.


Another amazing thing about an average Japanese girl is how interesting she is. Her diverse interests and unusual tastes will amaze you. All international brides open up new horizons, that’s understandable, but once you meet Japanese women, you will understand that these ladies can show you the whole new world.

Main Types Of Ladies

There are several main types of brides you can meet in this area. Here they are.

  • Bari-kyari (career ladies).
  • Hikikomori (ladies who enjoy staying at home, watching manga, and eating delicious food).
  • Minato-ku yoshi (young and sweet brides who reside in Minato-ku).
  • Iyashi-kei yoshi (a smiley bride who is always friendly to people around).
  • Nikushoku joshi (these hotties are open-minded and not afraid to take the first step).

How To Start Date With Japanese Girls: Main Tips

Dating in Japan has completely different rules than in Europe or other countries. Culture and traditions are in the foreground and should be considered. These include the following points.

  • Communication. The communication is friendly but reserved. Many Japanese girls are shy and are not ready to open up to a random foreigner immediately, which is definitely a plus. Japanese girls are always friendly and expect the same from you, which is enough to start relationships. Once you get to know each other a little bit more and proceed to dating Japanese woman, she will show you how diverse her inner world is.
  • Respect and kindness. Respect and restraint are particularly important aspects for local ladies. They pay close attention to how the potential partner behaves during meetings or conversations.
  • Care. As we have mentioned, order, cleanliness, and care are qualities that almost every Japanese woman has or learns from childhood. They, therefore, want a partner who pays attention to his appearance and takes care of himself to please not only himself but his girlfriend.
  • The traditions. Each country has its own traditions, and this also applies to Japan. Respect them, and ask about what is important to your bride and what traditions she and her family have.

When It Comes to Dating: Our Recommendations

Now, let’s proceed to what you should and should not do when dating Japanese girls.

  • Try not to use clichés. For a Japanese girl, the only thing that matters is that you are attracted to her, not to her ethnicity or nationality. So don’t mention the most common clichés right away.
  • Be OK with possible rejection. Nobody can say for sure that your first attempt to win the heart of a Japanese bride will be successful. You just have to accept this fact and be ready to continue. After all, the most popular international dating sites have thousands of other potential matches that you can make, so you don’t have to overreact at the first rejection you encounter.
  • Be creative when getting to know a Japanese girl online. Starting with a compliment is good but a boring idea. Beautiful ladies receive a lot of messages from admirers, so you have to find a way to stand out.
  • Don’t start with gifts. It is easy to be too bothersome in the first stages of a relationship. There is a tradition of small gifts in the local dating culture. Once again: small. Instead of gold jewelry or an iPhone that creates an image of wanting to buy the girl, choose something inexpensive but memorable.
  • Prove your intentions. As a rule, a Japanese girl who utilizes dating sites wants a man to create a family. If you are not ready yet, it is better not to lie. One of the reasons why women are looking for men from abroad is their disappointment with local men, so don’t create a negative image of foreigners.
  • Don’t be in a rush to pay for everything. Some ladies are pretty independent and want the man to take over the bill; others prefer to pay together. Delicately ask the lady if she doesn’t mind you paying for dinner.
  • Discuss your future together. Japanese families are so strong because people care about each other’s feelings and know the right ways of communicating.
  • The most important aspects for Japanese girls are culture and traditions. Don’t be afraid to ask a girl if she feels comfortable with the topics. All women are different, and what works for one relationship may not work for another.
  • Don’t let your sentences sound too rehearsed (when communicating online). A typical Japanese girl has heard every popular pick-up line, and she can always recognize if you practiced your compliments several times or copied them from somewhere before you pronounce them out loud or type.

An Attitude Of an Japanese Woman To a Foreign Man

One cannot say that all local ladies are open to international relations and want to marry men from Western countries. Their society was isolated for a long time and remained quite reserved, so some women still prefer locals. Nevertheless, modern Japanese international dating also has many supporters, and many beautiful brides choose Westerners.

Japan is an economically developed country, but there is a price. People usually work a lot, an average of 50 hours a week. Of course, the time to find love is very limited, so women register on special dating platforms, making it possible for men to date Japanese women online. Many local ladies believe that Westerners are more attentive, wiser, more determined, and masculine, which makes such relationships work.

Meet Japanese Women

How Do I Find Real Japanese Hotties?

Given modern possibilities, it is easy to find a Japanese catalog bride of your dreams. So if you are wondering where you can get a girl, you generally have two options to choose from. You can either travel to the country or become a member of a reliable dating site. Let’s find out how effective these options are.

Travel to Japan

Japan is a popular destination. However, be prepared that it can be quite expensive and time-consuming. In addition, local beauties do not trust foreigners who try to get acquainted on the streets, which makes your task even more difficult.

Registration on One of the Dating Sites

A time-efficient solution is to become a member of a dating site. It is much easier to date Japanese girl this way. You can find a bride online by creating an account and selecting from a huge database of potential partners. You can filter hotties according to any criteria to address only the most suitable candidates.

Married Life: What Is It Like?

So, what about marriage to a Japanese woman? Here are a few facts that will help you prepare better for it.

  • Her married life goes smoothly. Local brides are not the kind of women who argue and scream for no reason or prove to be right. Instead, they will try to agree calmly through informed and respectful discussions.
  • You will feel loved and supported. A Japanese girl only marries a man she really loves. As a result, you will constantly feel her love even in the smallest things, such as how she wrapped your lunch for work. In addition, these wives attach great importance to supporting their husbands in everything they do.
  • You will be appreciated for who you are. Unlike many Western women, Japanese ladies love their partners for what they are. They do not try to change them so that they correspond to their idea of a perfect partner. When such a lady decides to marry you, it means that she is enthusiastic about everything you represent.

As you can see, the decision to marry a Japanese woman is probably the most significant and important decision one can make. We can say for sure you will never feel sorry about such a decision. Just remember that a relationship requires continuous work, which means both of you will have to invest your time and effort in it.

Wedding Ceremony: Traditions

Once you have met your true love and feel that you are ready to marry her, here are some things about marriage in this country:

  • Many weddings in the country are in Shinto style.
  • The couple is expected to change several outfits during the wedding ceremony.
  • Cash is a typical wedding gift.
  • A married couple does not sit with the guests until the cake is cut.

These are just some of the traditions popular in Japan; there is much more to discover. Your international wedding can be an interesting mix of old and new traditions from your home countries.

Pros and Cons of Having Such a Girlfriend

Having summarized everything that was mentioned above, you may think that a local lady is a genuine treasure. She is, but there are still some drawbacks of having such a girlfriend.


  • Oriental beauty.
  • Sexy figures.
  • Young appearance.
  • Eastern charm.
  • Intelligence.
  • Moving abroad is not a problem for these girls.


  • Low English level.
  • Traveling to Japan is usually expensive.


How Many Local Brides Are Unmarried?

Although there are many options for getting acquainted nowadays, there are still many unmarried hotties in the country. Due to being busy, ladies have no time to date locals. They focus on work and find themselves above 25: as we know, it is much more difficult for such a lady to get married in Japan.

What Not to Do When Dating a Japanese Woman?

Indeed, for dating to be successful, you should be aware of things you’d better not do. First of all, don’t try to surprise your girl with generous gifts: in this case, she may think you are trying to buy her. Then, show the lady you respect her traditions. Never offend her relatives: the consequences may be severe.

How to Meet a Local Girl Online?

The answer is pretty simple: all you have to do is utilize one of the modern dating platforms. First of all, go through the registration process, browse through user profiles, choose several ladies, and start communicating with them! Remember that premium membership may be required to get access to advanced options.

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