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First, it should be noted that there is no such thing as the best dating website on the internet. Competition in this niche market is impressively high, and many competing platforms offer customers first-class service at a very reasonable price. Many platforms are almost equally good; they differ in minor advantages or not too significant disadvantages. Accordingly, everyone can independently choose the most suitable dating website from their point of view, based on their own preferences, the reputation of the platform, as well as reviews and numerous reviews on the Internet.

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This AsianMelodies review will be looking at one of the most interesting and promising dating websites that specialize directly in finding Asian beauties. AsianMelody is an excellent opportunity to meet Asian girls, and, in the long term, one of them may be happy to become your bride. AsianMelodies is a platform specifically designed to connect young, affordable Asian women with wealthy Western men.

Marriage agencies and dating websites are often surrounded by rumors and prejudices. Almost all the myths about these services have no basis at all since marriage sites are just intermediaries in the old supply and demand chain. Asian ladies are happy to marry Americans, while American men are happy to marry Asian fiancées. There are many AsianMelodies reviews on the Internet, but only a few of them emphasize the advantages of this unique site compared to others.

Pros and Cons


  • Modern, optimized dating website, with all the benefits and functionality in full compliance with modern standards. As part of the review, it should be noted that not a single noticeable technical problem was identified in the process of researching the service.
  • An optimized mobile version that simplifies interaction with the platform using mobile devices. Nevertheless, the presence of a mobile version of the site is not incredible and does not compensate for the lack of a full-fledged mobile application.
  • The registration process and creation of a user profile are completely free at AsianMelodies. The user also gets full access to the women database and can view other users’ profiles, but his options are severely limited in comparison with the premium account.
  • The platform administration independently selects girls for the fiancées’ catalog on an individual basis. Due to the huge number of offers from the Asian market, managers can afford to choose. Only the best and flawless girls from all points of view are included in the catalog. According to the AsianMelodies review of the website and satisfied customer reviews, the vast majority of men are more than satisfied.


  • The lack of a mobile application can be considered a tangible drawback that cannot be ignored in AsianMelodies dating website review. Despite the presence of a full-fledged mobile version of the site, the lack of a standalone mobile application is an unforgivable shortcoming in our time.
  • As a second drawback, I would like to highlight the pricing policy. The credit system that many popular services use does not really benefit the user. Such a system creates the illusion of benefits but loses to the classic monthly subscription in comparison. In addition, for some completely inexplicable reasons, the purchase of a minimum package of loans is more profitable than the wholesale offers of the platform.
  • The third major drawback of AsianMelodies is its free version. Users can indeed register on the website and complete a profile completely free of charge, but it is not possible to use the platform normally without switching to a premium subscription.

Pricing Plan

As part of the review on the AsianMelodies dating site, it should be noted that the service uses a credit system. That is, the administration of the service offers users not to pay for a monthly or annual subscription but to buy exactly as much time as they directly need. Despite the deceptively democratic nature of such a pricing policy, in practice, this usually means much more tangible monetary costs.

  • 20 credits – $9.99
  • 50 credits – $28.99
  • 125 credits – $64.99

Registration Process

The truth about AsianMelodies is that you will not be able to use the platform without registering. Registration, however, is completely free and includes several main stages. At the first stage, you provide the administration of the service with key information about yourself and your preferences in women. It is recommended that you provide as reliable and frank information as possible since sincerity at this stage will improve your search results many times over.

No need to worry, AsianMelodies is a large and respectable agency, for which reputation is more important than the potential profit from disclosing personal data of customers. After completing the registration process and profile setup, you can view profiles and profiles of potential brides. It should be honestly noted that you are unlikely to be able to properly interact with girls without switching to a premium subscription due to numerous restrictions.

How Does AsianMelodies Work?

Answers to the popular question “Is AsianMelodies any good?” will be a visual explanation of the algorithm of the local matching system. A key differentiating factor for forming a directory of local women is that a girl cannot register on the platform on her own. The site administration reviews applications from candidates, but all the girls do not just register but undergo a thorough and demanding selection.

Clients get access exclusively to first-class Asian beauties, the background and motivation of each of which has been thoroughly tested in multiple stages. Men choose girls based on search results and their own preferences. The search results are formed using the data specified in the client’s profile and tries to offer each man those girls who are definitely suitable only for him.

Free vs. Paid Version


The free version of AsianMelodies allows you to register, complete a personal profile and browse the directory of local gorgeous ladies. When you try to start chatting, you will likely run into multiple restrictions, so you will almost certainly be forced to upgrade to a premium subscription.


A premium subscription removes any restrictions from the account and allows you to communicate without restrictions. All the powerful and extremely extensive functionality of the platform will be presented to your attention. This functionality includes the possibility of text, voice, and video communication, the possibility of constant contact with round-the-clock technical support. It also includes a special profile status, which will clearly confirm the seriousness of your intentions in the eyes of the interlocutors and, especially, potential brides.

Mobile Application

Unfortunately, AsianMelodies does not have an independent mobile app. However, the official website is a full-fledged adaptive version and was designed with the expectation of using it with the help of mobile devices. The lack of a mobile app is one of the main big flaws of the platform, which they are going to fix soon.

Safety and Security

AsianMelodies values its reputation extremely. It is a large, legitimate, and respectable platform for which reputation is in the first place. All personal information of clients is protected. According to professional reviews and user reviews, the information space is not aware of a single scandal related to the disclosure of private information by the administration of the service.

Help and Support

For premium customers, the AsianMelodies administration provides 24/7 online technical support. You can contact the operators both using a special form on the website and using an online chat. Technical specialists solve all arising issues as accurately, promptly, and efficiently as possible.


AsianMelodies free search and free registration are an excellent opportunity to browse the site and browse your local women’s directory. These two options, when paired, provide a unique opportunity to make sure you are choosing the right service. You can appreciate the advantages and prospects of the full functionality and immediately study the directory of local for girls.

You will have to upgrade to a premium subscription for more detailed communication, which removes all existing restrictions from your account. So, what is Without limits, AsianMelodies is a first-class quality platform for finding young Asian beauties. Here you can easily find with equal chances both your future life partner and girls for several unforgettable evenings.

It should be borne in mind that most of the local girls are still in the mood for a serious relationship. Nevertheless, AsianMelodies is definitely one of the best and most attractive deals on the market, which every connoisseur of oriental ladies must try.


Is AsianMelodies Safe?

The reputation of the website speaks for AsianMelodies. For several years of its existence, the service has never been involved in dubious stories and scandals. The infallible credo of the site administration is to care about users and their safety. The reputation for this site is significantly more important than the ability to receive dubious benefits from one or more customers. The administration always meets users halfway in all matters, while technical support provides round-the-clock advice. AsianMelodies is a legitimate and completely secure international dating website.

Is AsianMelodies a Good Dating Site?

AsianMelodies is the best way to find relationships with young and approachable Asian girls. With nearly a million active user accounts in the database, it is possible to match a pair of almost everyone. This service is your opportunity to meet girls, chat, and start dating them. Perhaps it is thanks to this site that you will find a girl with whom you will seriously decide to connect the future and start a life together.

How Many Members Does It Have?

At the moment, the site has almost two million accounts, and at least half of them are considered active users. In practice, this means a colossal number of young and beautiful girls who are open to relationships and patiently await the appearance of their prince on a white horse. It may turn out that it is you who will turn out to be this very prince, and your case will replenish the collection of happily married couples on the portfolio page.

How to Use AsianMelodies?

Step one – you must register for the service. Step two – fill in the personal data in the profile as responsibly as possible. Step three is to customize the search filters according to your own personal preferences and start looking for a pair. After that, nothing separates you from the unique opportunity to choose a girl, write to her and start chatting. Everything else depends only on you – maybe this particular girl will turn out to be the one and only. Otherwise, nothing prevents you from trying again.

Is AsianMelodies Worth Paying For?

Definitely, this platform is well worth the money. The service has at its disposal an excellent catalog of the best and sexiest Asian beauties, as well as a website made in full compliance with all modern technical standards. Since the free version only allows you to get acquainted with the site but not start chatting with the woman, then you will definitely want to try the premium.

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