EasternHoneys Review – Amazing Platform to Find an Asian Lady

Updated on Jul 2022
date April 19, 2021

EasternHoneys is a great platform for finding women from the Asian region. Each client is offered an excellent design, high-quality optimization, and a rather pleasant pricing policy in comparison with competitors. It is one of the most reputable and well-known platforms in the Asian segment, and there are several reasons for its popularity. The main disadvantages of the service are undoubtedly slow and inactive technical support and the optimization model chosen by the administration. The main advantages include a matchmaking system and a full-fledged mobile application.

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Pros and Cons


  • Intuitive interface and ergonomic design. All functional elements are in place, and even a child is able to understand the platform controls.
  • The functionality is executed at a first-class technical level. All components of the service work instantly and reliably, delays are not noticed even during testing under high load.
  • Prices in comparison. Although the local monetization system is inferior to the classic monthly subscription, the prices for EasternHoneys credits are significantly more favorable for the client than similar prices from competitors.
  • Standalone mobile app. The answer to the popular question of what is EasternHoneys.com and why this service is so popular can be a mobile application. It is convenient, optimized, and completely replaces the desktop version of the site. In addition, thanks to the mobile application, two-factor authentication can be configured to increase the level of security.


  • Technical support is implemented in the form of tickets. If you ever wonder is EasternHoneys worth it, think about local tech support first. The processing of the request can take up to a week, while the incoming responses are composed as if they were not even trying to help the client with his problem.
  • Monetization system in the form of loans. It has been repeatedly proven that such a system loses to the classic monthly subscription and is beneficial to the administration, but not to the users. However, due to the democratic pricing of EasternHoneys, in the case of this platform, the monetization model is not a fundamental flaw.

How Does EasternHoneys Work?

Many dating services are increasingly preferring the loan system to the classic monthly subscription. You can often see advertising campaigns where such a move is driven by concern for users. Why pay more if you can pay exactly as much as you need? It is this slogan that can be found more and more often in promotions. The truth about EasternHoneys and any other similar monetization system is that such systems have nothing to do with caring for users.

The practical comparison shows over and over again that, in fact, the credit system forces users to pay more at times. While the monthly subscription model shows the monthly amount payable all at once, the credit system prefers microtransactions. If you collect and sum up financial statistics at the end of the month, you can see how much more than planned you actually spent.

Is EasternHoneys any good? Is EasternHoneys worth paying for? Questions that each of you probably wants to ask by this moment. Indeed, despite the above, EasternHoneys’ monetization system has some advantages over comparison. For example, the cost of loans on this platform is many times more profitable than similar offers of competitors in the overwhelming majority.


  • 20 credits – $2.99
  • 50 credits – $19.99
  • 125 credits – $44.99
  • 250 credits – $69.99

Registration Process

During registration, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire, which will contain your personal data and your preferences in the relationship. It is highly recommended that you answer the questionnaire as truthfully and sincerely as possible. The more honest you are at the questionnaire stage of the registration process, the more you will help the local advanced matchmaking system find the right match for you in record time.

You will be able to view profiles and catalogs of girls immediately after the registration is complete. However, to start communicating, you need to make the first transaction and buy one of the credit tariff plans.

Searching Features

You will get access to the legendary EasternHoneys free search right after registration is complete. You will be able to customize search filters, try different combinations and monitor the proposed search results. You will be able to fully view the profiles and accounts of the ladies, but you will not be able to start social interaction with them until you switch to the premium subscription.

Free vs. Paid Version


A free subscription provides an opportunity to register, fill out a profile, browse women catalogs, and test search results with customized personal filters. However, as is the case with most similar platforms, you will not be able to write to any girl until you pay for the premium subscription.


A premium subscription allows you to purchase credits that enable you to fully use the site’s functionality. Thanks to loans, you will be able to communicate, meet, improve your profile in search results and be one of the first to receive a selection of new girls. Although traditionally loses to the classic monthly subscription, the local premium subscription is still cheaper than most similar offers from competitors.

Mobile Application

One of the main advantages of the platform from the point of view of this EasternHoneys dating website review is the independent mobile application. It is completely free, available on Android and Ios, and completely duplicates all the functionality of the original site. The application is easy, convenient, and efficient to use. Thanks to the application, you can continue to communicate with girls constantly and under any circumstances, without being distracted and without drinking the need to constantly be near the computer.

In addition to the fact that the mobile application completely duplicates the functionality of the original site and even expands it in some aspects, it also increases the security of the account. Only with the help of the mobile application can you set up two-factor authentication, which will significantly increase the security of your profile.

Safety and Security

One of the main advantages of the platform from the point of view of the EasternHoneys review of the website is traditionally considered to be security. The security of a dating website can be viewed from two perspectives: account security and platform security. As far as account security is concerned, EasternHoneys is fine with that. Thanks to the independent mobile app, anyone can set up an additional layer of protection using two-factor authentication, reducing the likelihood of potential hacking to a minimum.

When it comes to platform security, EasternHoneys is doing well too. The website is one of the largest and most respected leaders in the market, which values ​​its own good reputation far more than anything else. During the review on the EasternHoneys dating site, it should be noted that the service has never been involved in any scandal with the leakage of user personal data.

Help and Support

Within the framework of this EasternHoneys review, it is impossible not to touch upon the issue of technical support. Technical support is an extremely important factor in choosing a service in the modern world, and poorly implemented technical support may well serve as an argument against the platform. Many EasternHoneys reviews do not point out local support shortcomings.

The problem is that technical support is implemented in the form of a ticket system instead of a 24/7 online chat that meets modern standards. The ticket system means sending your request through a contact form hidden on the site and waiting. Sometimes you have to wait several days, sometimes the technical support answer does not solve your problem, and sometimes a clear answer does not come at all.

Such a system is completely unacceptable for the world of modern dating and absolutely unsuitable for any client-oriented company. EasternHoneys received a negative rating for implementing customer support.


The main goal of the EasternHoneys.com review is to help the user choose the right platform. To date, dozens and hundreds of competing platforms are represented on the international fiancée market, which is similar in many ways. However, every respectable and popular platform has its own obvious strengths and inherent weaknesses.

In the case of EasternHoneys, it is a great website for finding Asian women on the internet. The platform has all the strengths of such sites, be it a great mobile application or an advanced match search engine. Despite some minor flaws, EasternHoneys is a great option for anyone who wants to meet an Asian girl quickly, easily, and with a guaranteed result.


Is EasternHoneys Safe?

EasternHoneys is completely secure and supports two-factor authentication. If you wish, you can configure verification both by phone number and using a mobile application. In addition, the administration of the resource carefully checks new users and responds promptly to any messages about scammers. Users suspected of unreliable intentions are thoroughly checked and are often removed from the community based on the results of the check. All these factors make EasternHoneys completely safe and legitimate.

Is EasternHoneys a Good Dating Site?

EasternHoneys has an impeccable reputation in fairly wide circles. The administration politely communicates with users, round-the-clock technical support quickly and efficiently processes any requests. Over the years of the website’s existence, not a single story has been recorded that would allow the site owners to be suspected of fraud. But EasternHoneys has a huge database of active users, and there is a real person behind each profile with an attractive avatar. You can meet and chat with girls on this site, which undoubtedly makes it a real dating site.

How Many Members Does It Have?

EasternHoneys is a huge and respectable portal with a colossal database of active users. To date, over three million people have registered on the platform, and at least one million members are actively looking for new relationships. This service is a great chance to find a couple for everyone, and in the portfolio section, you can see hundreds and thousands of photos of successful couples. Behind each photo is the real story of two people who were able to find each other only thanks to the help of the Internet.

How to Use EasternHoneys?

Using the website without registration is not possible. To fully use the resource, you must register, undergo initial verification, and fill out a profile. The more thoroughly and seriously you approach filling out your profile, the better you will help the search engine find the right match for you. On the match search page, you can customize your preferences in as much detail as possible and find tens of thousands of free girls looking with interest in new relationships.